Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Private Eye

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 040811

Journals man v mynok We were preparing for our mission to the derelict planet Relik when a call comes in from technician Manco on-board the ship. It appears that the Gambit has a small Mynock infestation, pilot Tyr runs off to the docking bay in a panic.

Areena Tana is on the news channel reporting the murder of a Captain Krayon on the station. Not the first captain to be killed on The Eye, her report claims this incident is linked to maybe half a dozen other murders. I turn to Friend Vrinko who is already searching news archives for mention of these crimes.

“Six victims. All were runners like us, half of them captains, the rest crew… wait… expect one.”

The comms buzz briefly and we can make out captain Tyr and technician Manco yelling about something.
“Be careful where you shoot… no no no NO!…” <bzzz>

Port vokk
I look at friend Vrinko who rolls his big bubbly eyes.
“Those Mynocks will keep them busy for a while. Come Arri, let’s go visit Vokk maybe he knows something about these murders.”

We head out to chat with proprietor Vokk at the Kessel’s Run over a drink. One of the victims was a Shistavanen captain named Tallack – known for taking on almost any mission. Vokk also knew a favourite hang-out spot of the one victim who was not a runner, a restaurant known as Laser Brains. Friend Vrinko tips him for his insight and we head out to find the restaurant.

Walking into Laser Brains felt like walking into giant fish tank – fluid movement on the walls and little sparkles in all directions. I paused to take in this welcoming atmosphere. As I caught up to friend Vrinko he was already chatting away with the bar owner, he introduced himself as Darius Drawl and before I knew it I had another drink in my hands. This was no ordinary drink however, fizzing in a big bubbly glass, it tasted very… sweet and fruity. I could hardly taste any alcohol.
“Our house special, ‘Underwater Love’!” remarked Darius excitedly.
We learnt what we could from Darius and his friendly staff regarding the murder victim.

Tinial Mentil, a good customer but also described as a slightly crazy slicer. Had a Treadwell droid with him which he was having issues with. Returning back to our quarters we check in with the others. They seem startled to hear us over the comms as we hear a sudden high pitched shriek, some blaster shots, and then pilot Tyr yelling at technician Manco again. I look over at friend Vrinko and rolled my eyes.

“Come Arri let’s check out the auction house, maybe we can track down that Treadwell droid.”

It was not going to be easy, the clerk at the front desk of the auction house was giving us a hard time and not being very helpful at all. Friend Vrinko slipped him some creds, and suddenly clerk was our best friend. We followed our new friend clerk down a hallway to a computer desk. We extracted all the information we could. Captain Tallack’s property was given to his crew. Timial’s slicer gear was auctioned off, but there was no mention of a droid. Strange. He had no next of kin listed either.

As we were leaving our friend clerk suggested that perhaps the droid was impounded. Friend Vrinko decided to message both journalist Areena Tana and security officer Kanner Ziracch to find out more about the droid. Areena responded almost immediately, with an address on level 4, 1215.

We arrived at the address to see Areena interviewing a medical officer, another removing a body, two guards and a small crowed of curious onlookers. It was Captain Krayon’s crime scene. Areena signalled for us to approach, I caught a glimpse of some sort of droid resting on a table through the door of the apartment. Friend Vrinko speaks briefly with Areena before she leaves, but not before stealthily handing Vrinko what appeared to be a key card.

It did not take long for the crowd to disappear, with only one guard standing between us and the apartment entrance. He didn’t look very excited to be there, focusing his gaze mostly on the ground before him. I was pondering on how we could distract the guard when suddenly friend Vrinko walked straight past him to the apartment door – I stood shocked.

“Stop, you aren’t allowed in there.” The guard looked up and stopped Vrinko in the most un-enthusiastic tone I have ever heard.
“I’m here to finish recording some footage for the new show.” Friend Vrinko responded holding up his recording rod.
The guard mumbled something and returned to staring at the floor in front him. Friend Vrinko looked over at me, smiled, and disappeared through the apartment door. He is not only mysterious, but also a resourceful Mon Calamari. I join the guard in staring at a spot on the floor.

It seems only moments pass before friend Vrinko reappears out of the apartment. He gives me a nod as he walks past, I follow. I look back at the guard who does not seem to even notice our movement – I cannot tell if he is still looking at the spot on the floor, or if he is sleeping.
We head to Kambrian Nights to dine and chat with journalist Areena.

The murders are briefly discussed and we learn of the officer in charge of the investigations, Captain Siran Marell. When friend Vrinko asks Areena about the Hive she warns us about the Grell, who she believes is a dangerous criminal located somewhere on the station.
The meal is well prepared and thoroughly enjoyed. As we return to our quarters we learn that the Mynock situation has been taken care of.

We are ready for take off.



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