Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders


Port a manco

EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 101110

Port hagan The next morning we meet Hagan. The job is to transport Tauntaun livestock from the planet Hoth. A four day journey there and back with a 10% loss per day over due and a 25% if the prize Tauntaun is damaged. We are informed Hoth is extremely cold and survival equipment is required. At Hagan’s suggestion we meet with Moelag Enegrine of The Trading Post; an equipment supplier. Hmmm extreme cold? Never experienced it before. I’ll modify my quarters as a test.
Port moelag
We purchase cold weather gear, a portable storage pen for the animals and an electro prod. Mental note: test electro prod on crew member during our journey gauge potency. If required increase output.

With our equipment we head back to the ship and I modify our storage bay, setting the temperature to keep the Tauntauns cool and happy. Naturally I do this by myself as the crew cannot and should not be allowed to touch complex technology.

We set course for Hoth and make the jump. The journey is uneventful, however, we hit a snag during landing when Tyr flips the ship over and almost crashes. He claims it was ‘the wind’. Mental note: Investigate installing a landing computer that has a geriatric assistance setting. First, ask Tyr how old he so test case figures can be entered.

After completing our landing we meet Local wrangler Gavin Rossc and discover they let the Tauntauns escape. Is there no end to this bothersome human blundering? Do they not even have the rudimentary intelligence to keep lesser creatures captured? How did they ever rise to such prominence?

Now we have to go out and gather the beasts up. Oh and we have to find two missing wranglers as well. Ranko and Grigg. Drohn, Vrinko and I decide to ride Tauntaun beasts while Tyr takes a snowtrak. Drohn kindly helps me climb up and I get some impression of what it must feel like to be taller. I don’t like it, but don’t let on.

We head outside into the bitter freezing cold. I can feel my joints begin to ache even through the protective enviro suit. I wonder if Vrinko’s eyes will freeze over, I forgot to pack anti-freeze spray. Drohn seems unaffected by the cold.

Riding out in the direction where the Tauntaun pack went missing we start our search. The wind increases, howling over vast snowdrifts. I wish we had the Sandcrawler. The Tauntauns seem capable though and it’s not difficult to guide them. After a short distance we discovered a Tauntaun’s carcass, my guess is that it fell down a ridge, broke it’s legs and died. I hope this is not an omen.

We continue onwards, when suddenly the Tauntauns try to change course, behaving erratically. Vrinko and I manage to pull to a stop while Drohn veers to the right around a vast patch of ice. Damn! Tyr attempts to bank and his speeder spins erratically as he once again loses control. He really does have a way with machines. Fortunately Tyr recovers in time and avoids falling into a bottomless fissure. I breathe a sigh of relief. That was lucky. For all his faults, the captain is a decent human and I’d hate for anything to happen to him. Also no one else can fly the ship.

We continue onwards and at last we spot the herd. The lead Tauntaun is out front leading the pack. Drohn races ahead and up alongside attempting to bring the beast to a stop. This only irritates the leader and it smashes its’ horns into Drohn’s Tauntaun knocking it down and hurling Drohn horns over heels.

Drohn groggily rises to his feet only to be brutally stampeded by the remaining pack. Hoping he’s okay, Vrinko and I race off to catch the beast.

I take out my synthrope and tie a crude knot around my saddle. My fingers are cold and the thick over-sized gloves make it painfully difficult. I close in on the leader, take aim and fire. My synthrope soars high into the air several meters about the Tauntaun’s head. The knot comes undone and the entire line disappears into the white mist. Hmmm a mistake I will attribute to the arctic weather conditions and poor man made synthrope. Mental note, don’t buy that brand ever again.

Vrinko, continues onwards and manages to pull up alongside the lead Tauntaun. Out of nowhere he executes an incredible leap, somersaulting over and over to land onto it’s back. A truly impressive and heroic feat. Tyr and I attempt to gather the remaining pack and slow them down.

Journals v on taun

Drohn, battered and bruised once again rises to his feet. A gigantic shadow looms over him…



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