Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Reflections V2

A Game of Spies

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 060912

Port-NPC-MysAgent.jpg Having saved the Eye from the clutches of DX-2 and resting on a healthy stack of credits from our raid on Russan I had been looking forward to a little R&R. Of course mixing with the scum and villany of the universe meant that was about as likely as a rainstorm on Tatooine. As I walked back to our quarters I noticed a familiar face at a small hydration station. I had previosly been approached by this dark stranger when we had returned from Russan. Offering the promise of a hefty fee she for my assistance in caturing Hannah Glorian she had made the mistake of threatening the Traitor’s Gambit and her crew. Why is it that the women of the Eye always want to play like Sith?

Port-NPC-Han_Grig.jpg It was no coincidence that she was here again so I went over to say hello. She was obviously resourced enough to kept tabs on me so there was no point playing hide and sneak. It was a simple task, all we had to do was jump via a drop point and transmit co-ordinates over a datapad before getting clear. A simple scenario to make an easy 50,000 credits. But then she threatened the ship again. Only an imperial agent could have the brazen courage to threaten my crew on a private station where we had friends in both law enforcement and the media. I let her think she had me; and as she made to pay for her refreshments I got clear.

Back in our dingy quarters I contact Hannah’s dangerous off-sider, Yigg. Whoever this mysterious agent was they’d want to know they were the target of something big. He met me in the depths of the Hive whre I explained the situation. At first I thought I would have to blast him but his suspicions eased and he appreciated my honesty – surely that’s going to win us a premium job to replace the lost 50,000 credits.

Handling a favour for Hannah was a great way to get clear of the agent following my stpes on the Eye. We headed to a small deserted planet, ESK-2, to pick up a sensitive passnger. Scanning the surface we quickly found a small bunker in the middle of a strange forest and dropped Vrinko and Arri off to secure the sit as Manco and I found a place to make landfall. It was clear the bunker was long abandoned, in fact it may never have been fully used at all judging by the limited installations. Despite lack of any life-form scan results, the blast door buzzed open as we approached and we headed to towards the command station at the rear. Manco was concerned it was a trap, why would a passenger looking for safe transit hide themselves deep in a bunker?

Port-NPC-VonReiser.jpg As we entered the command room we got our answer, Von Reiser slowly turned to face us. I hadn’t seen the blonde imp since he found me standing over a fresh corpse in a turblift on the Eye. He hadn’t blinked once at the situation nor sold me out to Isec which made me very nervous – what kind of man was he? Before we had a chance to find out the sound of running combat boots rang out through the bunker. With our scans showing no life-forms it was clear someone had sprung a trap on either us or the imp. As I glimpsed a flash of white armour I knew at once that there was only one way Manco was going to act.




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