Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Reflections V3

In the Mind of Madness

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 30-08-12

The footsteps of the Eye Security officers echo down the corridor reminding me I have little time to hack the security console. My fingers are a blur as I bypass the firewall and begin downloading DX2’s journals to my datapad. Eye officers rush into the room and I quickly inform them I’m disabling a series of traps, luckily they believe the lie, ha ha ha…humans…a Jawa would not fall for that one. The journals finally download, I’m curious to see what that crazy droid was up to. For now it will have to wait until I’m back in my quarters.

Security has many questions and we are taken away for interrogation, but its nothing heavy and Kanner accompanies us. I tell him about the killer’s creepy trophy room. That place really disturbed me. The interview ends and we are allowed to leave.

Back in my quarters I hack into the DX2’s journals. Fascinating. Gumba Wakkom, the tech we first suspected, had developed advanced droid A.I allowing an individual to be highly self-aware and behave more humanlike. As advanced as the software is, I find many flaws. One of which allowed to droid to act on its own and see all life forms as a threat. When Gumba attempted to shut the program down, DX2 killed him. Oddly, I remember seeing a holovid of a similar movie many years ago on the Sandcrawler. Perhaps that’s where Gumba first got the idea.

Anyway, over the next 2 years DX2, had eyes on the entire station database; tags were setup at various repair stations including the droid pool so he could monitor everything going in and out. He’d have a faulty droid sent to him, install the new software and then send it out to murder its owner. He’d killed a lot of people. I think I’ve read enough so I hand the data to Vrinko to take to Arena, who he has a massive crush on…yeah good luck with that.

In the evening Vrinko invites us all up to his new apartment, he’s setup some interviews with Arena’s assistant. I make a point of immediately using the bathroom. I know it annoys him. The last thing anyone wants is a Jawa using the fresher. I take my time and leave the door wide open.

That night we head down the Kessel’s and watch the interviews on the bar TV. Many free drinks later we head home with weary heads.

The next day we meet up with Grigg, the mission is a go and we are to depart immediately to pickup someone from a remote planet. It does not pay that well, and as simple as it sounds I suspect there will be complications. We are to head to ESKP2 an uninhabited and uncharted planet someone in the middle of nowhere. I wonder who the cargo is.

We punch out and during the journey I’m kept busy, I repair Vrinkos armour, fix IC4U and upgrade my light repeater. We close in on ESKP2 so I go sit up front to keep my eyes on Tyr. A sparkling cobalt planet looms into view; a vast field of rocks trailing metallic blue dust orbit it. This should be interesting Tyr will have to work hard to take us in. And he does, expertly navigating the Gambit without a single scratch.

We enter the atmosphere a thick deep blue fog of metallic flakes and a massive forest of giant blue trees. That’s not something you see everyday.

Tyr runs some scans and we detect a structure on the bottom side of the planet. Life form scans find nothing. We head to the building and find a military style bunker. With no visible landing spot Tyr hovers close to the roof allowing Vrinko and Ari to leap out. We head off to find a clearing. We land and then get to use my Jawa Speeder for the first time. It works better than expected; I really did build a masterpiece.

We meet up outside the bunker with Vrinko and Ari. Strangely the bunker is unlocked and a green light signifies entry. I draw my light repeater and prepare myself. We enter the building, its mostly empty and undergoing construction. I’m wary and raise my blaster scanning the darker areas. We head deeper into the bunker and reach the control room. A swivel chair lit by green monitors turns around revealing Von Riser. I almost shoot. Damn…I hate Imps.



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