Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Revenge is a Blue Milk Best Served Cold V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 090212

I’ve spent the last few days on The Eye in more discussion about what we’ll do next, our funds are running low and we must move soon.

I have some personal cash that I’ve been saving so it’s finally time I bought some armour. With Tyr in tow, I went to pay Smitt and Wasan a visit. I found some Raider armour that can easily be modified to fit my frame and start negotiating for a lower price, sadly Tyr thinks he can help by talking loudly into Smith’s face. This results in no reduction. Sigh…humans and their superiority complexes.

Port jii As I turn around to rebuke him, I see a tall Twilek female with pink tattoos enter the store. Oddly one off her tails ends in a short stump, it looks like it was sliced off. I realize, as she gives me a wry smile, it’s one of the three Twileks that shot the hell out of and defeated our crew several weeks ago. Luckily they used stun weapons, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. She walks past and heads over to the firing range.

No hard feelings on my part so I smile back and nod, but I don’t think she noticed. A few moments later I hear the discharge of a light repeating blaster. Leaving Tyr, I head over to investigate. The repeater looks custom modified and my curiosity peaks. I tell her it’s one of the finest I have ever seen and to my surprise she hands it over. I can barely contain my glee as I look down the sights and test the weight, it’s perfectly balanced.

The Twilek, activates the range console and a Stormtrooper appears, I instantly squeeze of shot and destroy the target. Without waiting the Twilek, makes three more Troopers appear, once again, acting on instinct I pop all the targets. It’s not as satisfying as the real thing, but I still enjoy it. The Twilek, nods, I think she’s impressed, but I’m not sure.

Port jhanezia The balance and recoil of the repeater is flawless and I reluctantly hand it back and stammer a thank you. She smiles and pats me on the head and then starts walking out, as she passes Tyr, he yells “goodbye stumpy”. Without missing a beat the Twilek, spins around, punching Tyr in the jaw and knocking him to the ground. I cannot help but laugh. I run over and ask her name, but she just smiles at me and then walks out. Looking down at Tyr, I shake my head. He has a real way with aliens. Tyr, starts complaining, but I’m not listening, I am thinking about the Twilek

We leave the store and head over to Jhanezia’s to see if we can find a projectile based tracking device. After much discussion, we think an Orbital Tracking Device could help, problem is its poor range of 10-15 light years and we still have the problem of firing the thing. More research is needed so Tyr and I leave.

Npc rahn renkoo On the way home we somehow end up in a dark, intimidating bar called the Sell Sword. It’s small and noisy pumping out industrial music that sounds like Jawas stripping down a stolen starship. The crowd is rough, really rough. All manner of rogues, mercs and assassins are hanging out talking shop. A group of human mercs sit near the entrance, wearing heavy hi-tech armour, but what peaks my interest is, Rahn and Renkoo, filthy Ubese scum I have not forgotten them and their insults. I sneak on over and much to my surprise is who there with. Seated on the opposite side of their table is a Wookie, the giant black Wookie, Blackclaw. Just what are those two deadbeats talking to the black carpet for? I move closer, but I see a strange device on the table. Damn, it’s a stealth audio device I cannot hear a thing. I do have an idea though.

Npc black claw I sneak back over to the mercs and select the largest one, a real brute. Taking the droid caller I stole of the Ubese, I carefully place it upon his belt. I head back to Tyr, whose gulping down blue milk at the bar and inform him of my plan. It’s quite simple, all he has to do is tell the Ubese the merc has their droid caller. What could possibly go wrong?

We wait…Blackclaw gets up and leaves. Something tells me I should follow him, it could be important. Nah…I will wait. This could be fun.
I remain at the bar and watch Tyr as he saunters over to the Ubese and casually sits down. Once again they activate the device. Explaining my plan must take a lot of time as Tyr is sat there a good 20 minutes. I hope he told them.

Tyr, walks off and then one of the Ubese gets up, he looks hesitant, unsure what to do. And then he approaches the mercs. My hands are shaking in anticipation and I move a little closer. The Ubese points down the merc’s utility belt. He looks surprised when he spots the droid caller hanging from it and his friends all burst out laughing. I am clapping my hands together, this is going well. The Ubese reaches out to grab the caller. Big mistake. The merc leaps to action and picking the Ubese up above his head hurls him across the room where he smashes into a table of patrons, before collapsing to the ground covering in a variety of exotic drinks. The action escalates and another fight breaks out.

The remaining Ubese sprints over to the mercs and leaps at one of them, knocking him down. The merc fall in and rain heavy blows down upon him. Suddenly the doorway fills as droid bouncers enter the bar to restore order. Gleefully jumping up and down I grab Tyr, and thanking him over and over, we leave through the back.

Blackclaw is long gone, but I’m sure everyone will understand. Tyr and I head back to our quarters and I fill the crew in on what was a truly great night.

Before heading to bed, I look up the Twilek gang on the holo and find out she is called Jii, I drop her a message and fall into a content sleep.


I love Manco’s logs best, methinks…


That Jawa certainly has a way with words…


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