Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Rogue Traders

Port a manco
EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 271010

Two more crew members arrive, details as follows:
Crew members as follows:

Vrinko Dash- Male, Mon Calamari
Vrinkos’ eyes frequently secrete a strange goo. Wonder if it’ll make an ideal engine lubricant? Mental note, take samples when he’s sleeping. He also carries a ‘light blade’. I’ve seen his kind before and noticed they always seem to get a ridiculous bargain when negotiating. I suspect foul play, possibly mind reading.

Drohn Kolgar, Male Zabrak
Mercenary type, effective fighter, likes blasters, blade work and fighting. I like him.

Tyr Solaris – Male, Human
Captain of the ship. Can’t figure him out yet. I get the feeling he’s running from something. If that’s the case I’d better modify our weak engines. He also has a cybernetic arm with a poor power supply. Am I paranoid or am I sensing on ongoing theme here?

Character lineup 01



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