Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Slug Bait

Port a manco

EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 241110

Back at our quarters I set about repairing Vrinko and Dronh’s armour. Then I improve the range on Tyr’s toy gun. It needs a lot more work if he hopes to inflict more than a welt.

There’s a knock at the door. Vrinko opens it to reveal an oily unctuous, overweight human, Igor Ewen; an entrepreneur. He has a quick job for us, a lucrative business deal. Igor is a fan of good-old business practices and no questions asked. Which I inform will cost extra.

After fleecing another 375 credits out of him we learn the job is a silent package run to deliver cargo to Dynann located on the outer rim. We agree and begin preparations.

Vrinko contacts Talia for background information on him and learns Igor is legit.

We meet Igor at the docking bay and find him standing by a huge metal cylinder, 2m high and roughly 1.5m wide. Vrinko attempts to detect life signs, but fails. Hmm…hokey religions are no match for an inquisitive Jawa at your side. I determine it’s an environmentally controlled device.

We all board the ship, load the cargo and leave the system. During the flight Igor breaks out the synthohol and starts getting drunk. Eventually we all retire and head to our private quarters.

A noise startles me out of my sleep. I sneak out of my room and head to Vrinko’s quarters. His door is locked so I pick it. I wake him from his sleep and he instinctively lashes out, luckily I duck out of the way. He asks why I did not simply use the communicator. He does have a point. Momentary lapse in judgement due to fatigue from fifteen hour shift spent cleaning the engine bay.

We sneak out into the main bay and Vrinko hails Tyr on the commlink to inform him what is happening. Tyr leaves his room to investigate. There is a strange yellow slime trail on the floor leading into the galley. Tyr creeps forward. The trail ends. From the darkness of the galley a massive chitinous creature snaps its jaws at him. Tyr turns and runs back to his quarters locking the door behind him. I know he only has a tiny weapon, but please. That’s the Captain! Running away? We are supposed to be under his protection. His family. That’s right leave it to the Jawa to handle things, the smallest one on the ship…sigh…
I think I hear Vrinko, saying something about stunning or capturing the thing, but I can’t be sure.

I move forward to the galley. The creature leaps from the shadows and slashes its armoured claws at me. I manage block the blow with my blaster rifle, the force is staggering and I almost feel my shoulder pop. I take aim and fire twice. The first shot strikes the creature in the head. I fire again blowing the lower half of its jaw off. It topples over, crashing to the ground.

What can I say? The bigger they are the harder they fall.

I stretch my sore shoulder, that’s going to hurt in the morning. The beast blood has messed up our Wampa rug. How upsetting! That stain may never come out.

Drohn and Vrinko run over and eventually Tyr exits his room once it’s safe. We try reviving the creature but it’s too late. We search the cargo bay and not surprisingly find the environmental cylinder open and Igor’s mutilated body beside it. I hack his datapad and discover that he was taking the creature, called a K’lor’slug, to someone called Chessel Bard for 3000 credits.

Drohn wants to throw Igor’s body out of the airlock, however, I’m afraid too many questions will be asked and argue against it. Tyr is smart enough to agree. We continue towards Dynann and see a Tie Fighter wing fly by.

We are interviewed during docking procedures and told to proceed to hangar bay for inspection. Tyr, foolishly states we have no cargo. Scratch previous statement about him being smart. Just what is he afraid of or hiding?

We land at the docking bay and are greeted by a light skinned Twi’lek, Chessel Bard, flanked by four heavyset dockworkers. I hope he’s not mad. Introducing himself he enters our ship to look over the ‘crime’ scene. Vrinko explains what happened, smoothing things over.

Chessel, although disappointed, is convinced there was no foul-play. He gives us a datapad outlining a job. Once again Vrinko informs me that he did say, “take the creature alive”. No one likes an ‘I told you so’.

Port chesselChecking the datapad provided by Chessel reveals he wants another live creature, this time something called a M’onnok. We devise he could be attempting to construct a real life Dejarik board.

We head back to The Eye and inform the authorities of Igor’s death. Security takes our details and are convinced it was an accident.

Drohn takes the Wampa rug to be cleaned .



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