Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Something Spicey V1

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 290312

I check the dead Gotal while the rest of the crew reconvenes. Some creds, a toshi bar, glow rod, and a small milky white quartz crystal – I like it. Before leaving the Hive, pilot Tyr and technician Manco decide they want to sell some spice they have been holding on to for a while now. I should have expected their heads to turn to me – unfortunately I have trouble recollecting where the spice den I visited is.

They ask for directions from a couple of blue skinned females with an aura of spice around them, who proceed to swindle some money out of our two ‘spice sellers’ and run off – quite an amusing encounter actually – friend Vrinko rolls his bubbly eyes.

After a little wandering we find a shaft entrance emitting a strong spice odor, with a Gamorrean out the front. We are able to make it in and our spice sellers sort out some kind of deal, meanwhile I am getting quite hungry. Back out the front I ask the Gamorrean if he can recommend any good places to eat – his grunts and squeals suggest to me he does not understand a word I say.

Port veedo Friend Vrinko and myself decide to head to Kambrian Nights. Veedo recommends the Augurian porcupine dish, I indulge myself, while friend Vrinko settles for the fish. Our old friend Urgle shows up during our meal and joins us. He does not sound very happy and pleads for us to help him get his brother and some woman off a planet. Friend Vrinko notes down the details as I finish off my meal, and decide to take it up with the rest of the crew. Port urgle pyne

On the way back to our quarters I find myself thinking about Joni On. We left her on Alderaan, which I keep hearing has strong rebel support and against unfair treatment of alien species – I am not sure how she is involved in the politics, but I hope that she is alright.

The rest of the crew agrees to aid Urgle on the smuggler and merchant hub of Russan, and at the same time we will hunt down our next piece to the Dejarik puzzle – a M’onnok. I believe the saying is – two Mynocks with one stone!



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