Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Something Spicey V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 200412

Gotal corpses litter the ground. It has gone strangely quiet, I glance around and see no more targets, good as I am unarmed. I want to go back to the apartment.

Vrinko asks me where his Vibro Dagger is, I lie and tell him it was stuck in the Gotals’ guts when he fell over the ledge. Vrinko shoots me a funny look, so I tell him the truth; my aim was off…way off… and I flung the dagger into the black void.

I can tell he’s unimpressed.

We leave the area and start making our way back to the hive. Tyr and I want to find a place we can offload our spice crystals, so we start asking questions. I find a pair of blue skinned insectoid aliens who reek of illicit substances. They seem strung out but after passing over 100 of Tyr’s credits they give us directions to a spice den. We follow their instructions for several minutes only to come to a dead end, in a garbage-strewn alleyway.

Damn! I hate being ripped off; it’s supposed to be the other way around.

Well at least it was not my money. I ask around some more and this time get a better lead. We make our way deeper through the hive and across a rotting wooden walkway. I hear it violently creak in protest as Arribacca lumbers across it… fat Wampa.
We continue through a huge vent shaft into a dingy candlelit corridor. The smell of spice is quite strong. This must be the place. A space pig stands in front of the door barring entrance, I hate Gamoreans… Tyr once again flashes some creds and we are allowed to pass.

Inside the den, all manner of aliens stumble around blindly, bumping into each other, others lay sprawled out on floor cushions. A Stocky reptilian alien approaches with large yellow eyes, a Saurian. I get straight to business and inform him we have some merchandise he may be interested in. We are ushered to a back room and told to wait. After a moment a small alien appears with an armed Ubese in tow, luckily it’s not Rahn or Renkoo, he does have a blaster carbine though.

The alien introduces himself as Gormarin, we introduce ourselves, myself as Mr.Blue. He is a shrewd fellow and says only two of us may stay. Vrinko and Arribacca leave. Hmmm… This could be messy without protection, but nothing we can do about it. Time to employ the Jawa ’let’s do business’ mindset- “We have something you might be interested in, a strong narcotic, very potent, enough to put a Wookie out. It’s the good stuff.”

Gormarin pulls out an eyepiece to examine the crystal, cuts off a slice and disappears for a while. The pungent smell of spice is overpowering and I am starting to feel a little dizzy. Gormarin comes back and seems satisfied. We get down to business. Unfortunately he’s not interested in buying the spice location from us, he’s not a mining operator.

Tyr suggests we’d provide a finders fee if he can put us onto the right people. We negotiate a 20% fee. Nice work Captain, with a hidden sigh of relief I pass on our contact details and we leave and head back home.

I ask Tyr if he can find out any information on the Imperials responsible for the attack on the Sandcrawler. He says they document everything, but I need to be planet side to get the right Intel. Unsure if I will ever get revenge. But I will not give up until I see the agent dead!

Port urgle pyne Vrinko and Arri come back and tell us they have a job, at last some cash… I sure need it. We are helping out old friend Urgle, raiding a Krayt Dragon warehouse to create a diversion while he rescues his brother and girlfriend.

We pull up some data on the location, planet Rusaan, I once met a cocky trader from there. Thought he was smart and superior to the Jawa. I remember selling him the same droid 4 times over before he caught on. Ha ha ha…stupid human.
Anyway, he said his planet was populated with dessert dwellers, mostly nomadic tribes. He also told me they had a weird creature called a Bouncer, a sack of green floating fur with 2 eyes and a tail. That’d be worth seeing. We continue to make plans to leave the next day.

Arribacca’s brewing a hot tea for us all, it’s nice but I want more of that sweet ale from the bar.

And with that I went to sleep.



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