Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Dragon Hoard V2

Dragon Hoard V2

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 210612

Pilot Tyr and I hide in wait, the messenger may be passing through here at any moment – he carries the code we need. For him, this should be just another meaningless trip from the Dragon headquarters to the relay station; he does not expect us.

“We’ve got the code.”

Friend Vrinko broadcasts over the comm; I guess the Dragon will not be passing through here after all. Technician Manco and Vrinko had set up ambush elsewhere nearby, and it seems to have worked. We head over to their location to find a smoking heap of metal and two Krayt Dragons lying unconscious on the road – we dispose of them before leaving the scene.

We have made the first move, the plan is in motion. Pilot Tyr heads out to the relay station posing as a Dragon officer with a modified message in place of the code, while the rest of us return to the ship to prepare for departure. We fill Urgle in on the plan and provide him with a backup rendezvous location should anything go awry with his brother, which he understandably does not appreciate – but it is a necessary precaution for a job this big.

Pilot Tyr returns after successfully infiltrating the relay station and sending a fake message to the real ship, The Lucky Star who is awaiting the code – we have less than twenty-four hours before anybody should catch on to what is happening.
Everybody is notably quiet as we head into orbit and once there, with everybody’s nod of approval, we transmit the code asking permission to land.

The soothing hum of the Gambit is interrupted by a message from the secret base – we are good to proceed with the landing. There is a communal sigh of relief as we begin our descent. We get contacted again mid-journey for our transponder code, but we are able to clear that without any issues; to the best of our knowledge.

We zero in on the co-ordinates provided only to be greeted with dusty brown mountains; patches of green scattered through-out. This must be the right spot though, as our comms become jammed from a white-noise signal. The whole crew is in the cockpit looking for signs of the base, and finally we catch a glimpse of a laser canon. Then suddenly there is a massive electric flicker over one of the mountain sides – the shield to the base. A holographic enclosure reveals itself and we fly in to land.

As pilot Tyr and I walk down the plank we notice a Repeater Blaster Nest overlooking the main warehouse. Figures approach from the building, armed, but very casual. I let pilot Tyr do all the talking and I soon find myself escorting the Dragon warehouse workers through to our cargo hold. On their second trip to the ship I see technician Manco standing outside the cargo hold doors, and as I follow the warehouse crew in, Manco gives me a nod. There are only two of them in the room with me, I am right behind one of them, and I know exactly what technician Manco is about to do.


At the very moment the cargo doors shut behind me, I attack the Dragons. They are startled but also quick to retaliate. I am able to take them down, but not without being momentarily stunned by a blaster shot – and in that moment they are able to alert the warehouse over the radio of our attack. I yell into my comm and let friend Vrinko know that they have been alerted. The crew must have already known, because only moments later, the ship is rocked by a vibration from outside – that sounded like an explosion…



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