Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Dragons' Hoard V1

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 010612

This wasn’t going to be just another blue milk run.

The plan was set. Kyfer would comm the route that the messenger would take to transfer the codes to the relay station. All we needed to do was intercept the biker, take his code and impersonate him to deliver a delay message to the relay station. With the code in our possession and the Lucky Star waiting in orbit we could safety make planetfall in the hidden base with a much more dangerous cargo. At least that was the plan…

Manco and Vrinko covered one likely route while Arri and I covered another. Kyfer commed through that that the messenger was headed towards Manco/Vrinko and before we could get there they had sprung a deadly trap, pulling a wire up into the lead biker’s swoop and sending him crashing into his escort. We were able to salvage the code cylinder from the wreck and hurriedly removed as much rubble from the road as possible. We only had a short time get to the relay station or the missing messenger would make the Dragons suspicious.

Donning the colours we secured in our recent barfight, I raced across to the relay station on the spare swoop. The civilian guards expected the messenger, showing a healthy amount of fear that let me quickly bluster inside without questioning. Our plan nearly came apart when I informed the relay officer that there was a message to send, not just a code. All it took was a twist to show the patchwork emblazoned on the jacket for him to swallow his uncertainty and get on with the job. The message simply read “12 hour delay no code 20% bonus”. I retreated quicker than a mouse droid and hurried back to the ship.

We quickly took off informing Urgle that we’d hit the warehouse in approximately one hour. He would wait till the alarm sounded then make good on his rescue in the ensuing confusion. Once in orbit we transferred the code without a hitch and headed down toward the mountains. We transferred the Lucky Star’s transponder codes and hoped the Dragons weren’t familiar with the real Lucky Star. Cutting through a dusty storm we approached an open plateau, passing by a turbolaser battery built into the mountainside. As we approached the plateau the surface flickered and a hologram dropped to reveal a man-made depression with a warehouse and landing pad.

It was time to find out who was springing the trap.



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