Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Dragon's Hoard v4

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 210612

Planning out warehouse assault. We have several options.

1.Infiltrate the tunnel from the base HQ and sneak into the warehouse from underneath. I like this plan as I get to blow the tunnels with detonite. And I will leave some in their base to take out more biker scum.
2. The other option is to grab the courier carrying landing codes and then use them to fly our ship in posing as a delivery crew. Also a good plan.

After some discussion we go for the courier.
The party splits up and Vrinko and I secure positions along the path the courier and his bodyguards will take. We sit for a spell and I think about upgrades I can make to my repeating blaster. My happy daydream is broken by the noise of approaching swoops. I fire my synth rope across the street at neck height.

Closeline time!

A pair of bikes peels around the corner, the line snags them perfectly. One careens off crashing into the other. I hear the screech of metal on metal and they both hit the dirt at high-speed, then violently cartwheeling across the ground before exploding into a building. Scratch one criminal scum. The remaining bike hits the deck and the rider is thrown free. He crawls across the ground, looking like his legs are broken.
What a shame.

I glance towards Vrinko who calmly raises an eyebrow. I walk over to the biker and fire a few rounds into his back. Scratch two.

Looting his body we find the transponder codes. Part one of the plan is complete.

We meet up and decide that Tyr should be the one to take the couriers place. The plan is for him to call the orbiting transporter, Lucky Star, and tell them to wait 24 hours. Vrinko tells him to offer them 20%. Good idea, extra creds will stop them asking questions. Tyr heads of to the relay station to play courier while we all wait. A few hours later he arrives back. All smiles…all is good.

We meet up with Urgle who gives us co-ords to a landing area. I don’t like this at all. I am about to say something when Vrinko chimes in. He does not like it either and states we should use different ones. Ours to be precise and then Urgle’s can be for backup. We have no idea if his brother has been compromised. Urgle becomes angry suggesting we are insulting his brothers loyalty. I slide my hand down and place my finger inside the trigger of my blaster. Take one more step and it will be your last…no one threatens my crew.

Urgle finally nods in agreement and the tension passes.
We fly out of Russan spaceport and approach on the warehouse coordinates. Tyr sends the code. There is an uncomfortable, long pause…finally instructions come through and we are told to follow a beacon.
We fly through thick dust clouds and eventually reach an epic mountain-scape. All sensors are jammed. As we close in, one side of the mountain flickers and disappears revealing a landing bay. Defence turrets line the opening. It would have been very difficult to assault this place directly. We make some quick plans as we fly in. I suggest they put me into a crate and carry me inside where I can let loose with my blaster.

Sadly we agree to keep up the ruse and remain cool. We finally dock and lower the landing ramp, I tinker around with some machinery while Tyr and Ari walk down the plank to greet everyone. I see a tower with a heavy cannon at the end of the bay. That will need taking care off. Over the comms I tell Vrinko to get in the ship’s turret and destroy it.

Two huge blast doors open and the warehouse crew walk out.
A human with long hair and a biker uniform and a second human wearing a bright pink jumpsuit approach. They chit chat for a bit and Tyr hands them a datapad. Two crewman enter our ship and Ari escorts them to the cargo bay.
I follow.
Once they enter I lock the door behind them.
I hear muffled shouting and the sound of a blaster.

Sigh…what’s gone wrong now.

Suddenly over the comms one of the warehouse crew yells out a warning. Damn! Ari has one job; to tear their limbs off and he didn’t do it. I should have gone in there with him.

I sprint to the gangplank and make ready to start shooting holes in people. I see Tyr ahead of me, blaster out. I follow him across the docking bay. Just then the heavy cannon opens up. The very one I told Vrinko to take care of. Curse that slippery fool!

A massive volley hits the ground around me, chunks of concrete tear through my cloak and strike my armour. I stumble for a second and then regain my footing. I swing around and see a head pop up above the cannon, with no time to lose I take aim and fire off a few rounds. I see the gunner’s head explode in a puff of red mist and bone.

Phew…that was close.

Footsteps behind me, I look over my shoulder and see Vrinko. I should fire a round at him!



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