Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Eye of the Storm

Port a manco

EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 031110

We’re heading to the Outer Rim via an asteroid belt called The Gauntlet. Tyr picks up an anomaly on a sensor scan and finds the first in a chain of transponder signals leading to our destination, at the centre of the asteroid field! A Jawa would have found a safer route.

Flying through the field inevitably leads us into to danger. Drohn, mans the ships only gun; that’s right only gun, to shoot a way through. Due to his large size, he has to sit up too high in the gunner chair which causes him to miss. Luckily his next shot strikes true shattering the asteroid and showering the hull with rock fragments.
Tyr banks sharply and directly into the path of a second asteroid. Drohn, not missing a beat shoots again, blasting it into smithereens. Hmm…I must monitor Tyr for suicidal tendencies or further acts of human ineptitude.

Regaining control, Tyr pilots the ship towards the edge of the field, masterfully avoiding another collision before we exit. We fly to the next signal and the comm channel comes to life. We have reached The Eye, a vast space station once derelict, now a home to smugglers and managed by rogue traders.


We receive docking instructions and background information on the station. Our crew decides to join as a guild member. For a moderate fee we’re provided with quarters and access to the station database allowing us to advertise our services and finally find work.

We pass boring custom checks with humans droning on and on about rule after rule. In the queue Drohn is accosted by a Trandoshan. Filthy prehistoric creatures with a propensity for violence. A short… Well, short by human standards; female human with red hair, wearing leathers and a duster manages to calm the ape down. It seems she’s in charge. Introducing herself as Talia Slimfire she apologises for its behaviour. Vrinko, attempts to hmmm…’chat her up’, I believe humans call it. Anyway, she’s friendly enough and tells us if we’d like a drink to head down the cantina once we are settled in.

Npc rahn renkoo
We depart and enter the turbo lifts to reach our floor. Two Ubese mercenaries make poor jokes directed at me and my race, something about misplaced garbage. Grrrrrr….small minded idiots hiding behind their masks. Just you wait, one day I’ll show them. For now I helped myself to taller one’s droid caller ‘taking’ it from his belt. They get off on a floor below us then we exit and go to our room. Next door a droid is busy cleaning up what looks like a humanoid blood stain on the floor. Typical of the station inhabitants to fight. This never happens on-board the Sand Crawler.
Port ariana
Inside our quarters, we’ve barely begun settling down when the doorbell sounds. Vrinko answers and is greeted by a petite human female with blond hair. Pushing a recoding rod under his nose, she introduces herself as Ariena Tana, a reporter for The on Eye a station holonews channel. A murder took place next door, the third one to take place in the last six months. She also seems to know too much about us! Despite his appearance Vrinko does have a way with words and manages to get rid of her without hassle or revealing who we are.

We post our Crew’s profile on the database ‘The Gambit Crew’ detailing our skill set, well, mainly my skill set. It’s not long before we receive our first job. We are to meet with Hagan Crue a livestock merchant of the LEyevery on the Market Level of the station. I really hope we are not transporting Bantha, they smell worse than cousin Utnak.

That night I went to the lower floors to search for the Ubese. Drohn, worried that I will almost certainly get in trouble and accompanies me. I am beginning to grow fond of Drohn, every good Jawa should have a Zabrak!

Npc firecracker crew Vrinko and Tyr head down to the cantina to meet Talia. Vrinko continues impressing himself upon Talia much to the annoyance of her Trandoshan imbecile, Org Mutt. She is also accompanied by a droid, XT-10.

Drohn and I search the floor but have no luck so we head down to the cantina to join our crewmates, much to the disgust of Org. When we approach he grunts at me and snarls, possibly the most intelligent thing I’ve heard one of them say. Like all Trandoshans I’ve met, he’s big, bullying, ugly, mean and possibly retarded. Clumsy club-fisted hands and a slow-dim-witted way of communicating. Size isn’t everything. I don’t like him and his kind.

The droid intrigues me, I wonder if I’d be able to give it a closer inspection. Some of it’s parts look outdated and underpowered. I’m positive I could improve it. Perhaps I can ask Talia, she’s likeable and friendly for a human. I think my presence put the spanner in the works for Vrinko as Talia and her crew depart for the night. We also turn in, tomorrow will be a busy day. Let’s hope there are no more asteroids for us to crash into.



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