Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Hunters Become The Hunted

Port a arribacca

EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 060411


This ship smells different. There is something unusual about the odour. Maybe the others have become accustomed to it, but I do not think that I ever will.

Sensor lights begin to flash. It seems our wait has paid off. I join the others in the cockpit, Pilot Tyr is jamming communications in the area. In the distance we can see a ship. A big ship. I cannot make out much of it, and neither can anybody else. We are too far away.

Little objects suddenly escape the big ship. Much smaller and mobile objects. They fly towards the debris field. They fly towards us. We need to act quickly. I know the others are thinking about pirate bounties, but I worry about the big ship. We stop the communication jam to scan the new ships.

“Warpig”, pilot Tyr looks away from his monitors and up at the big ship. Our allies on the Firecracker identify four smaller fighter craft and one transport ship. But it is not the small craft that worry me. It is this… Warpig. I suggest that if we stay we use the debris field as cover against the smaller ships, but leave immediately if the big ship begins to approach. The small ships are moving quite slowly… they are pausing, waiting – something is wrong.

Suddenly a blue beam passes through the debris field towards our ship, pilot Tyr is quick to re-act moving us forward in amongst the debris. Ion particles sparkle around us, we are lucky to have avoided the attack. However, the blue beam appeared to come from the big ship. The Warpig is in range. More ion blasts fire toward us, this time from the smaller transport ship. Friend Vrinko runs out of the cockpit towards our turret controls, I quickly follow, trying to keep my balance as our ship moves to avoid the attacks.

I target the transport ship as soon as I sit down in the turret seat. There is too much debris, I do not hit my target. Friend Vrinko has better luck, he is able to hit the transport’s shields. Our allies also fire on the transport ship, but the shots that do hit are instantly deflected. It seems this transport ship has superior shield systems. The four fighter ships are closing in very quickly. I turn my attention back to the big ship, any moment now it will fire on us again. I yell out loud to get us out of here. I do not believe that anyone understands me, not even friend Vrinko, who often listens to me with great effort. But it does not matter. Pilot Tyr must share my thoughts – immediately we turn and hyperspace away. There is a sense of calm.

After a brief celebration and discussion with the others, I return to my quarters. The encounter with the Warpig has left me a little unsettled. I give my pipe a quick clean, prepare the soft golden substance from my pouch, and dim the lights.

Moments pass.

The lights remain dim, but I begin to see the walls around me much clearer. Their outlines are sharp. They are also becoming warmer. They are becoming friendly. The ship hum is also sounding friendlier. It blankets me.

Moments pass.

The ship hum begins to pulse. It has rhythm. I feel my hair rising and falling. It dances. On my neck, and on my shoulders. It dances greatly on my arms. The outlines of the walls around me become softer, but they remain warm. The ship whispers something to me, but I cannot understand it. It sounds distant.

Moments pass.

The ship hum is constant again. A constant warmth. I can also sense the unusual odour of the ship, it does not feel like it is the ship, it is something on the ship. Can it be friend Vrinko behind the wall? No. He has his own special odour. But the odour is getting stronger. I hear the ship whisper again, but it is still very distant. I cannot understand. The walls are becoming thin, I can hear movement from behind them.

“bbbzzzttt… Claw Slugs..bzzt.. outside in … bzzt…”

That is no ship whisper. That is friend Vrinko. The wall outlines begin to fade away, leaving me in a dimly lit room. My hair is no longer dancing, it is instead getting cooler. I should perhaps see what friend Vrinko wants. I stand up and open my door, the odour from before is now suddenly very strong. I take a step outside my quarters…

There is a giant creature in front of friend Vrinko’s door! My hairs have hardened. The creature turns to me, the hallway behind it gently spins. Friend Vrinko yells something from inside his room. I must save my friend from this smelly enemy. I take a step forward and swing my arm at the creature. It collapses to the floor, motionless.

The door opens and friend Vrinko steps out with a stun baton raised above his head. I step back. He ignores me, looking down at the creature I just saved him from, and has a sad look on his face. The ship hum is much louder out here in the hallway, and the walls are spinning only very slightly now. Friend Vrinko looks disappointed, I can see it in his big watery eyes.

I am confused.



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