Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Legion Revealed

Ambushing the droids

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 121206

Whoever is behind these attacks on the sand-crawlers will be stopped , our crew has a reputation of accomplishing what we set out to do – except for that unfortunate debacle on Relik. The plan is to catch the attackers before they get to their next target, which means using another sand-crawler as bait – a decision not made lightly, but it is the most effective way at this point. If we do this right the sand-crawler should never be in any real danger.

We drop off friend Vrinko and technician Manco near the sand-crawler, they will be drifting on the ground in the speeder. Meanwhile pilot Tyr and myself will be in the Gambit keeping watch from above. It is nice to be out of the desert heat, and sitting snuggly in my air-conditioned turret. Pilot Tyr is in the cockpit continually doing scans of the area. We pick up some native sand-people on the radar, but they are not heading towards the sand-crawler, and certainly do not look to have the firepower to match previous attacks.

Journals_VsLegion.jpg “I think we have our targets” Pilot Tyr announces over the comms, a reference not to the sand-people, but to four fast ships closing in from the east. I ask whether we should try to contact them, but the response is unanimous – shoot to kill. Four ships, one of them a heavier transport – my guess would be holding a ground assault squad on-board. I fire a shot at the transport but my shot fires wildly – perhaps a good thing, what if these are not hostiles, we really should have sent them a message to…

All four ships return fire at us, luckily pilot Tyr is on the ball and evades all the blasts. I suppose they are indeed the enemy. Unable to hit the transport I focus my fire on the smaller scout ships – I am able to take out two of them, but the others have ignored us and flown off ahead – towards their real target. Both the transport and the remaining scout ship fire off a flurry of blaster shots at the sand-crawler, stopping it in its’ tracks. We let the speeder crew know they have incoming ships and then turn around to give chase. The scout ship is close to us, but the transport ship is fast fleeing our range, I decide to take one more shot at the ship before he does though and – I must have hit the right hull panel, because it suddenly explodes into a ball of flame.

The final scout ship attempts to flee but we manage to shoot it down, it spirals towards the side of a rock face and we lose visual due to the sands. Signals are still being picked up however, friend Vrinko and technician Manco head towards the downed ship to investigate. There is some sort of gun fight, survivors? Turns out they were indeed droids, and as I had originally suspected – part of the Legion. Luckily for us, our ground team had just successfully disabled one of the droids which we now hold prisoner. A successful ambush by the Gambit crew – hopefully the sand-crawler was not damaged too much.



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