Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Trojan Wookie

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 250311


Well I thought the Eye was going to be a safe place to keep our heads down and make some easy creds but boy was I wrong. After a hard few days checking Manco didn’t make unnecessary modifications while improving the weapon systems on the Gambit; I was looking forward to spacing some Gamorean Pirate scum! I was heading back to our quarters in a turbolift when the strangest thing occurred. A single Weequay Sec officer entered and stood across from me. A lone guard travelling a turbolift is not a common sight it its own right but what really got my senses tingling was the fact this one was armed. Eye security don’t carry blasters and when they do it’s a squad in combat armour with blaster rifles and grenades; not a solo guard with a blaster pistol.

Luckily I smuggled my hold-out blaster in my bionic arm. All that metal confuses the scanners and only a detailed inspection reveals the weapon. It may not have the range but the overcharged cell packs a punch and I’m quick on the draw when sith happens. And sure enough, sith happened that day…

I was way too fast on the draw but my blasted arm froze up trapping the blaster in its recess for the smallest of nanoseconds. The Weequay got a shot off but through luck, destiny or maybe what Vrinko calls “the force”, the bolt was undercharged and barely grazed my head. My return shot had far more effect and blew his leg off at the hip. As the Weequay hit the floor the damn turoblift door slid open; revealing that damn Imp pilot we tried to space: Von Reiser!

Port von reiser
That jumped-up Corellian dirt farmer just stepped straight in like nothing was amiss. I was tempted to finish him just like the Weequay but this guy is one cool customer, after all, he dodged our earlier ambush with no problem.

I hit the emergency stop switch and quickly checked who this strange guard was, while the Imp casually chatted to me. The guard only carried his security ID and an Access Card- The lift restarted and as the turbolift came to his floor, Von Reiser proffered his hand. There was no way I’d shake – it would be like jumping into bed with a Sithlord.

Once he left I knew we’d have to remove this threat in front of me as soon as possible. One more shot to the head and this Weequay wasn’t getting up to tell our story.

I called Manco on the comlink and met the team at the ship to explain the situation. We agreed to attempt a hack on the security mainframe to get some background on the guard. Novan Jyvun had apparently been here two years living in the staff quarters.
After asking around it appears the Access card is from one of several hotels on market level suspicious for a guard who would live in the staff quarters.

Trust the fishy thief to think up a plan to locate and get into the hotel room. Arribacca was to act the drunken Wookie; being returned to his room by a friendly Mon Calamari – The Trojan Wookie scheme. The first attempt was not the hotel we were looking for, however the helpful assistant was able to narrow our search after her palm was greased. I selected the most nondescript of the three and Arribacca, stinking of his herbs tried again.

After waking the neighbourhood, kicking over garbage haulers I get into room 212 and organise the crew to search. Amongst sundry spacer items we found a code cylinder and datapad. We cleaned the room down and returned to the Gambit.

The datapad had a grainy holo image that looked like me and flight info on a cargo ship named The Garand. The data cylinder had a number: #9457631870, and a schedule of guard patrols. After some research we determined that the number was actually one of the many Airlocks that had been illegally breached- this one in the last could of weeks!

We surmised that whoever I blasted in the turbolift wasn’t Novan Jyvun. This would-be assassin arrived a week ago on The Garand (which left five days later heading to Kothlis in Bothan Space), jumped the real Novan Jyvun, spaced his body and took his identity.

I have a bad feeling this is just the beginning. I hope the crew are ready for whatever is gunning for us.



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