Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Treasure Hunt

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 081211

Planet data relik

We come out of hyperspace to see the derelict corporate world of Relik in front of us. Pilot Tyr’s scans home in on our target planet-side, and also pick-up a space transport ship not too far from our location – it does not seem to pose a threat and there is work to do, so we decide to ignore it.

Pilot Tyr full-throttles us toward the atmosphere. The defence system we were briefed about appears to be active, missiles approach our ship.

Friend Vrinko and myself are able to take them out with the help of pilot Tyr’s great manoeuvring. Within moments we pass the defence perimeter, however the ship begins to feel uncomfortable as we descend to the ground at a dangerous speed.

Not that there is any real danger, I have come to learn that this is pilot Tyr’s preferred method of landing the Gambit – although I am sure that had we any passengers, they would be running to the escape pods.

We pull up into a canyon of decaying buildings and land right on our destination. Scans reveal the atmosphere to be relatively safe short-term. Geared up we step outside. It is early nightfall, a grey sky blankets us. Smoke still appears to be consuming some of the spires and small fires flicker all around – no sign of life.

Technician Manco excitedly runs over to inspect a couple of nearby abandoned vehicles, we appear to have landed on a speeder bay.

Pilot Tyr follows us out of the ship and scans the area – he points down.

Before us is a huge tower with three chained, maglocked doors. Friend Vrinko steps forward and cuts through the chains with his laser sword. We enter the building into a foyer resembling some sort of research facility. The laser sword is used again to check all doors. A turbo lift shaft looks like it can take us down to the lower levels, but my friends are not so keen.

It is decided we will walk down through one of the smaller doors instead. Pilot Tyr’s scans show our target to be six or seven levels below us, however the stairs only take us down three floors. We pass through empty offices and find a vent that appears to go further down. It is large enough for me to enter, but as I find myself presented with a labyrinth of shafts. We let pilot Tyr take the lead with his sensor.

All is well until we run into some loose cables blocking our way, pilot Tyr turns around and holds up his sensor – the cables are live, we can not proceed in that direction. We back track a little and begin to sense something strange in the air and equip our gas-masks.

Eventually an alternate route brings us to a T-junction; an angled chute and a descending ladder. We all agree on the ladder and send pilot Tyr down attached to a rope. Having harnessed him safely down the rest of us follow.

We have to be close to our target now. Standing on a platform the floor in front of us seems to be glass, friend Vrinko begins to examine the glass when suddenly we hear a sound. Pilot Tyr does a quick life-form scan – we are not alone down below. Both Vrinko and Tyr appear to be whispering something to each other when technician Manco scurries across the glass floor to the other side. I do not think that the glass will be so accepting of me.

Friend Vrinko touches me on the shoulder and before I can respond I find myself floating above the glass toward Manco – what a strange sensation. I signal for technician Manco to stand back as I check the door in front of us, it opens to reveal a descending stairwell. I turn around to the others to see pilot Tyr floating toward us on the same path I had just taken, when suddenly…


Pilot Tyr falls through the glass to the level below.
Friend Vrinko immediately jumps down to follow him.
I look at technician Manco who appears to be as stunned as I am.
I look down through the door – surely this stairwell would be a safer passage to the level beneath us?



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