Akika Khorash

Proprietor and owner of Octagon


Female, Dathomirian, proprietor of Octagon and possible underworld figure

Slight frame, pale white skin, black facial tattoos, flowing and feminine designer clothes.

Gracious host, in charge, determined.


Akika or ‘Madame Khorash’ is an asserti ve, determined and courageous business woman who uses exaggerated infamy to leverage competi tors and dilute threats; which is not to say she doesn’t wield considerable infl uence and dabble in crime. Akika was an outcast Nightsister who took to the spacelanes. Using her canny insti ncts for business and a liberal use of ‘wicthcraft ’ to amass a small fortune, she converted an abandoned processing plant into the Eye’s foremost entertainment complex, known for all vices, legal to immoral and all things in-between.

Akika Khorash

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