Black Claw

An infamous, almost mythical underworld figure.


Male Wookie. Underworld figure, slaver, bounty hunter and traitor.

2.2 meters of charcoal black fur, an imposing frame and a wide terrible scar running muzzle to throat.
Two Bandoleers.

A naturally intimidating presence and a cunning forward thinker. A ruthless, passionless and competent professional. He speaks only in a low, menacing, crunchy growl.

Twin lath bowcaster pistol and customized gauntlet. He employs a wide variety of customised technology but rumored to also to use his claws (though few Wookies would believe such a thing possible)…


His name is spoken in hushed tones across the galactic underworld.

It is said that he has turned against his own people, hunting and surrendering Wookies and other Rebel sympathisers over to the same Empire that has branded his own species outlaw.

He is said to be untouchable.

Npc black claw

Black Claw

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