Mechanic and Technician on The Banshee


Female Twi’lek, Tramp Freighter Mechanic

Petite figure, muscular arms, bronze perpetually grease stained skin.
Worksuit, Tecvizor, tool belts.

Cheeky, brazen, fun-loving and mischievous tomboy.

Tool suite, diagnostic equipment, sporting blaster, repulsorbike and swoopbike.


Kali is a master mechanic and technician on The Banshee.

When not up to her elbows in grease and oil in the engine bay of the Banshee she is on the Market level of The Eye, drinking, cavorting and generally creating mischief.
She attracts and panders to the male attention she attracts but is equally known for the number of fist fights she either causes or participates in.

She has a need for speed and races repulsor vehicles for fun and takes part in any ‘risk taking behavior’ that presents itself.

Though more at home in the engineering bay, she happily contributes to missions where her innate talent for machines and technology are required.


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