Rahn & Renkoo

Disreputable Ubese Mercenaries


Male Ubese Mercenaries

Concealed behind body armour they have a swaggering step and a haughty posture.

Disdainful, confident antagonistic and secretive.

Ubese Huntsman Armour, a reportedly diverse arsenal and a R2 unit.


Npc rahn renkoo
Rahn & Renkoo are two highly unpleasant if also highly sought after, unaligned mercenaries (by only the most unsavory employers). They are rarely seen apart and have a reputation for taking only the dirtiest jobs available; If you have something you want done no questions asked, see them.
They seem to delight in causing offense and spend their rec time scouring the halls and cantina’s for opportunities to enhance their reputations as bullies.

It should be remembered however that their nefarious reputation is well earned; they are highly dangerous, effective killers and shameless operators in the dark places of the Galaxy.

Rahn & Renkoo

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