Banshee Crew

The crew of tramp freighter: The Banshee


Banshee crew

Jii (security), Sabrin (captain) and Kali (pilot) are the infamous if effective crew of The Banshee.

These three Twi’lek girls are one of the most famous and successful Tramp Freighter crews working out of The Eye. They are flexible, imaginative and highly skilled operators able to take on virtually any job that comes their way; they are however highly sort after and can pick and choose what jobs they take.

On The Eye however, they are equally infamous for the havoc and mischief they cause station wide. They party as hard as they work and never turn down a dare or challenge; all three having spent time in the Brig for assault, public nuisance, drunken behavior and disorderly conduct. Despite this they maintain a generally popular reputation if only for the excitement they generate.

They are a tight-knit, highly loyal and protective of each other.

Rumors abound as to their origins; orphans, escaped criminals, fugitives from organised crime or slaves who killed their Hutt master.

Npc banshee crew


Banshee Crew

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