Jedi Holocron


Jedi Holocron
Fanbook Equipment Guide: Page 91
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 4

Using the information provided by a Jedi holocron will grant a +2 pip bonus to repair and scholar skill rolls that have to do with Jedi-oriented equipment (lightsabers, jedi armor, vehicles, starships, etc.).
If a character attempts to convince a “gatekeeper” (ie, the Jedi Master whose personality is imprinted into the holocron) to reveal information, he must roll a Very Difficult scholar: Jedi lore skill check.
The character receives a +1 pip bonus for every Force point he has, and a -1 pip penalty for every Dark Side point he has.
The gatekeeper is nothing more than a construct, and cannot be manipulated by the Force.


Jedi Holocron

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