Advantages and Disadvantages

This is the list of allowable Advantages and Disadvantages in Rogue Traders.
The following list is taken from D6 Space and a copy of that rulebook is required to make use of these expanded rules.
You may have a maximum total rating of 5 points in both Advantages and/or Disadvantages.
All Advantages and Disadvantages are allowed only with the GM’s discretion.

Advantages and Disadvantages should be used to help ‘fill out’ your character and help bring it to life… Not to milk a few more points out of the system.
Neither a player or GM should introduce an Advantage and Disadvantage without the expectation that it WILL come up in play.


Achilles’ Heel (R3, R4) Examples (R3): Allergy, Cultural Allergy, Environmental Incompatibility, Metabolic Difference, Nutritional Requirements, Rot, Vulnerability; examples (R4): Allergy, Cultural Allergy, Rot, Symbiosis.
Advantage Flaw (R1, R2, R3) Examples: Infection, Minor Stigma, Stench.
Age (R1, R2)
Bad Luck (R2, R3, R4
Debt (R1, R2, R3)
Devotion (R1, R2, R3)
Employed (R1, R2, R3)
Enemy (R1, R2, R3)
Hindrance (R1 or more) Examples: Bad Knee, Rude, Trick Shoulder, Uncoordinated, Unobservant.
Infamy (R1, R2, R3)
Learning Problems (R1 or more)
Poverty (R1)
Prejudice (R1, R2)
Price (R1, R2)
Quirk (R1, R2, R3) Examples (R1): Dependency, Kleptomania, Indecision, Stutter; examples (R2): Dependency, Secret; examples (R3): Dependency, Paranoid, Phobic, Vengeful
Reduced Attribute (R2 or more)


Accelerated Healing (3)
Ambidextrous (2)
Authority (R1, R2, R3)
Combat Sense (3)
Contacts (R1, R2, R3, R4)
Equipment (R1, R2, R3, R4)
Endurance (1)
Enhanced Sense (3)
Fame (R1, R2, R3)
Fast Reactions (3)
Fear (2)
Hardiness (1)
Iron Will (2)
Luck, Good (2), Great (3)
Master of Disguise (3)
Patron (R1, R2, R3)
Size (R1 or more)
Sense of Direction (2)
Skill Bonus (1)
Skill Minimum (4)
Trademark Specialization (R1)
Wealth (R1 or more)
Uncanny Aptitude (3)

Advantages and Disadvantages

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