Character Creation

Character creation is based on the WEG D6 Star Wars (Updated and Revised 2nd Edition) with elements of the WEG D6 Space system… and a some gentle house ruling.

Step 1: Character Concept
Come up with three character concepts. List in order of preference.
Each ‘concept’ should use a few words or sentences to describe their character. It should include species, gender, occupation and a few adjectives that go to what is at the ‘core’ of the concept.
Don’t just look to the Star Wars; almost any ‘universe’, historical figure or milieu can fit with a bit of tweaking.


  • Female Kubazz ‘Jason Borne’ style spy.
  • Male Gamorean ‘Mongol Barbarian’ Bad-ass thug. Escapee on the run.
  • Female Mon Calamari; scarred Bounty Hunter searching for her lost sister. Loves explosives, hates imperials.
  • Male Human Corellian ex-Stormtrooper turned Smuggler. A Rogue and a scoundrel who is good at heart.

Step 2: Creating the Party
The GM looks at the player’s first choices. If it’s a balanced ‘party’ then move on to step 3!
If not, the GM should approach those players whose characters overlap or clash and see if they are happy to play one of their other choices; or adjust their first choice to work (perhaps bringing in elements of their other choices).
Situations when this could be necessary are; one player wants to play an Imperial in a party of Rebels; too many people want to play Jedi; or the party need a pilot.
However, the players and the GM should sit down together to make their final decisions on thee character they want to play.
Players are also encouraged to think about their character’s relationships. Perhaps there is a Jedi master and apprentice; a pilot and co-pilot, perhaps two characters might decide to play siblings, comrades in arms or lovers!

Step 3: The Character Matrix
Each player should fill out the Character Matrix. The Character Matrix is a series of questions that need to be answered from their character’s perspective.
They cover a character’s history, the things they have done; will do and the way they would react to various situations.
It is recommended to answer the questions quickly with your gut; from the mindset of your character.
It’s meant to evolve WITH your character so nothing is set in stone, it’s simply intended to aid players to go beyond the mechanics and think think about ‘who’ their character is, not how many points they have in the ‘blaster’ skill.

Step 4: Crunch your Character
Using your Character Concept and Character Matrix as a guide, get crunching those numbers!
Use the standard Star Wars 2nd Ed Revised rules with the following exceptions:

Crunch Together
Players should spend some time alone figuring out a perfect ‘build’ but the final numbers should be crunched at the table together with the GM. Like the Character Concept, players should be encouraged to create a balanced party, to fill skill gaps, avoid excessive overlaps in unique skill areas and make sure essential skills (like First Aid) are properly represented. Players should also be encouraged take on ‘roles’ on the ship e.g.. Gunner, Repairs etc.

Modifier Skill List
Players use a modified skill list. This list is based on the standard WEG D6 Star Wars (Updated and Revised 2nd Edition) but incorporates skills from D6 Space, renames certain skills to better reflect their usage in this campaign and consolidates skills that are considered superfluous for this campaign.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Players may take up to 5 points in Advantages or Disadvantages according to the rules found in D6 Space and limited to the Advantages and Disadvantages list. Players should only take Advantages or Disadvantages if they absolutely fit your character and are subject to GM approval.

The concept for Rogue Traders is that the characters crew a single space transport.
The party should be provided with a ship of an appropriate type such as a YT-2400 or YT-1300. The GM may modify the ship but it’s suggested to keep modifications to a minimum.
If another player desperately wants to play a pilot an additional starfighter would be appropriate; even fun and advantageous!
The GM and Players should determine the exact nature of the main ships’ ‘ownership’ (using Source Book: Tramp Freighters as a guide). It could be owned and paid for outright; owned through debt; or even stolen. It could belong to one or more members of the crew; or even a third party or patron.

Players should be provided possessions appropriate to their character concept.

Players may select:
Any standard piece of equipment under 100 credits (with GM’s approval).
A blast vest and helmet unless inappropriate to the concept.
Two standard weapons.
Additional weapons when appropriate to the concept.
One or more ‘special items’ that the GM sees as being appropriate and characterful to the concept e.g. A ‘Swoopbike Jockey’ should get a Swoopbike; a Jedi might get a Holocron, A Mercenary might get Bounty Hunter Armour. It is not necessary to keep everyone ‘balanced’ but a good suggestion is one or more items worth up to 1000c up to and including a restricted.
500-1000c (depending on bonus possessions)to spend and keep the balance remaining.

Character Creation

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