The Dejarik Puzzle

An entrepreneur has engaged the crew in an unusual treasure hunt
A delivery to Dynann goes awry when it turns out their cargo is actually a live K’lor’slug. The creature breaks loose, kills its ‘owner’ and runs rampage on the ship. After ‘dealing’ with the problem they meet the intended recipient of the now less than living goods; an entrepreneur by the name of Chessel Bard who then engages them in an unusual treasure hunt; specifically, unusual fauna.
After a second infestation of K’lor’slugs (from eggs left behind by the first) they make good on their previous failure and collect the reward.
When they receive their second target; a M’onnok the crew put together the possibility that Chessel is assembling a live Dejarik board!

Dead Eye

A series of grizzly and inexplicable murders have occurred across the station

Jedi Madness

There is a ‘crazy old man’ on the station and he might have a trick or two to teach the crew’s resident Jedi

The Syndicate

The crew unearth a clandestine criminal organisation, possibly operating out of the station.

Official Station Security Report
Whilst there is very little evidence of organised crime being conducted on The Eye there is intelligence to suggest that a criminal enterprise known as Reach may be using The Eye as a base for operations beyond the station. It is equally possible that Reach is a fabrication to screen the activities of lesser criminals wishing to conduct activities with relative anonymity.
Various individuals have been identified as possible contacts or operators for Reach, but no arrests or confessions have been made.
Perhaps the most compelling rumour regarding Reach is that of its leader or leaders known only as The Grell.
It is not known whether The Grell is an individual or group of individuals but The Grell it the accepted figurehead of the organisation, believed to be based on The Eye. There is some evidence to suggest that The Grell is of alien origin beyond known-space, perhaps having arrived on The Eye long before it was adopted as a conduit for trade. This would certainly explain why the headquarters if on the station are as of yet unknown.
Reach is believed to be responsible for smuggling arms and controlled substances; professional and political assassinations and kidnappings; supporting rogue states, high level extortion and possibly slavery.
Reach and it’s leader if they exist, should be considered dangerous in the extreme.

Booty Call

The crew are the first to take advantage of the Letter of Marque issued against two local pirate groups

Letters of Marque have been issued against two separate Pirate Crews:

  • The Bloody Tusks
  • Legion

Fighter 1000c
Space Transport 2500c
Capital Ship 10000c
Capture of an Officer 2000
Other outstanding personal bounties as per the Galactic Bounty register.

The Traitor’s Gambit Total
(Bloody Tussk)
Fighters #6
Transports #5

The Black Claw

The crew met and took an ‘interest’ in an underworld figure called ‘Black Claw’
Male Wookie. Underworld figure, slaver, bounty hunter and traitor.

Official Station Security Report
Appearance: Male Wookie. 2.2 metres. Charcoal black fur. Lean muscular build. Facial scar running muzzle to throat.
Manner: A naturally intimidating presence and a cunning forward thinker. A ruthless, passionless and competent professional. He speaks only in a low coarse tone, perhaps because of his injuries.
Known Skills: He is an effective combatant with both Blaster and hand to hand, employing numerous customised armaments. He is a competent pilot and spacefarer and bold swoop bike rider. He is understood to be a skilled technician, making all his own modifications and repairs.
Known Equipment: Twin lath bowcaster pistol. Customized battle gauntlet. Modified ‘protocol’ Mouse droid. Modified Swoop bike. Modified Scout Ship ‘Rend
Bio: Black Claw is an elusive ‘untouchable’ whose name is spoken in hushed tones across the galactic underworld. It is said that he has turned against his own people, hunting and surrendering Wookies and other Rebel sympathisers over to the same Empire that has branded his own species outlaw.
He is not known to have a base of operations and has been sighted on numerous worlds from the core to outer rim, including worlds known to persecute an open bounty on Wookies. It is not known but suggested that he enjoys a unique immunity from imperial law.
Whilst he is known to have broad and diverse associations in circles civilian, governmental and criminal, it not believed that he has any regular accomplices or associations.
He is registered as an independent Bounty Hunter.
How he can be contacted or traced is unknown.


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