Krayt Dragons

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A galaxy wide, treble century old Swoop Gang with Chapters on over 30 planets and numerous warrants and bounties on whole chapters and individual members.

Activity varies widely depending on location and membership but universe wide they are responsible for all the usual petty crimes on a local level as well as spice, weapon and black market trade, weapon running and mercenary work.

Their colours feature Smokey, a characterised, smoking Krayt Dragon, generally on a red leather jacket.

Bloody Tusks

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The Bloody Tusks is a growingly notorious and widespread Gamorean Pirate crew, led by the brutal Maw Ripp, though not believed to be directly affiliated with Gamor itself.

Fleet Tactics
The Bloody Tusk fleet comprises wings of small fighter groups which swarm their targets, typically accompanied by a scout, transport or small Capital ship armed with Ion canons.
The Bloody Tusks generally avoid large commercial interests and Imperial shipping, preferring independent ‘tramp freighter’ operators working for lesser corporations with large payloads.
They primarily employ Deep Hunting & Lurking tactics though Dirtside raids are not unheard of.
Boarding actions can be particularly brutal affairs, including the taking of captives for slavery or ransom.

Current Intelligence
Common targets are independent traders departing Independent ports.
Most commonly employ Deep Hunting along the Parlemain and Rimma Trade Routes or Lurking in corporate systems with long safe jump zones.
Target low priority Illegal or black market goods and large payloads of common goods.


Logos pirate legion

Legion is a mysterious newcomer to galactic piracy, with a growing reputation for efficient if unusual tactics.
They are believed to crew droids as part of their raiding parties.


A mysterious organised crime syndicate, rumoured to operate out of, The Eye, though there is little evidence of direct activity on the station.

It is rumoured to be run by The Grell an enigmatic entity, individual or cabal of possible distant alien origin.


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