Station Facilities


Aedo’s Minerals

Port aedo
Trade and evaluation of small quantities of mineral and chemical deposits. Agent for major suppliers and shipments.
Services provided from a small, utilitarian and organised shop-front on the Market Level.

Aedo: Male Kitonak Fifth generation geologist and a master of his trade.
Appearance Perpetually hunched, lumpy form. Apron, tool belt and head-mounted microsensor.
Manner Dry, distracted and self absorbed.

The LEyevery

Port hagan
Livestock trade, sales, import, export and supplies.
A frenetic but limited ‘stockroom’ and extensive supply store located on the Market Level with more stables and mass storage in The Nest.

Hagan Crue: Male Human Merchant Knowledgeable and shrewd livestock trader keeper and wrangler.
Appearance Scruffy, stocky, stiff gait and dressed for the stables.
Manner Gruff, no-nonsense attitude, warm with valued clients.

Jgata’s Herbs

Port junta
Herbs, tools and supplies. Home of ’Junta’s Special Tea’.
A cramped but pleasantly pungent and homely permanent Market stall in the Hive.

Jgata: Male, Chadra-Fan Herbalist and politically active Hive local.
Appearance Brown-gray fur, scrawny frame, soiled grey coveralls.
Manner Disarming, generous and stubborn.

Deep Black

Port jhanezia
New and used Starships & Supplies
A family operation with an extensive showroom on the Market level that utilizes a state of the art, live multimedia and holographic display of their collection, including a fleet of 2nd hand starships in dock outside the station.

Jhanezia: Male Chagrian Merchant
Appearance Humble stance, neat, elegant formal robes.
Manner Welcoming, accommodating, experienced.

The Trading Post

Port moelag
General supplies and personal equipment and the new range of ‘M’ Business attire.
A stylishly fitted out showroom with many helpful staff and a full range of basic supplies as well as casual and formal domestic attire.

Moelag Enegrine: Male Chagrian Merchant
Appearance Tall, striking and well heeled.
Manner Precise speech, humourless and professional.

Smitt & Wasan

Port smitt wasan
Personal Arms and Armour Supplier
A large, high security ‘hands-on’ showroom with a huge variety of personal weapons and armour, including heavy, mobile weapons. Firing range available for any serious customer.

Smitt and Wasan Mag: Male Snivian twins, weapons merchants and armourers
Appearance Stylish flamboyant suit, thinning hair, gold jewellery.
Manner Fast talking, smooth operator who knows his product and customer.
Appearance Neat but well used coveralls and apron.
Manner Gruff, keeps a low profile but knows his way around a workbench with arms or armour

Rollin’ Roolin’s

Used Vehicle Sales
A wide variety of second-hand personal transport, including the largest selection of used repulsor vehicles on the station… If not the best selection…

Ruzz Roolin: Male, Rodian, Vehicle Salesman
Appearance Sweaty, dull green skin.
Manner Classic aggressive and irrepressible salesman


The Eye On Eye

Port ariana
The Station’s one and only media outlet
Researching and reporting on station activity, peoples and information relevant to visitors and residents alike.
There is a nightly holovid bulletin, print media and live updates on important events.

Areena Tana: Female, Human, holojournalist for The Eye on Eye
Appearance Petite pretty blonde with a modern haircut and a pink tailored suit.
Manner Sharp, determined, serious and unwavering.
Possessions Holorecorder Droid (T-V1) & vocorder.

Kambrian Nights

Port veedo
A Tea House that is one of the station’s premiere restaurants
Fine dining and a generous drinks list, it provides a wide variety of high quality fare for all species and is a perfect place with its private booths (and discreet attentive host) for clandestine meetings.
Famous for its Spiced Gumfish.

Areena Tana: Male, Rodian, Restaurateur
Appearance Short, well groomed, lushly dressed.
Manner Open, inviting and discreet.

The Kessel’s Run Cantina

Port vokk
Popular Spacer’s cantina
A no frills drinking establishment that is popular with the many spacers living on and passing through the station.

Areena Tana: Male, Talz, barman
Appearance Shabby grey fur, hulking form, spacer vest under a well used apron.
Manner Matter of fact, unimpressed, protective of loyal customers.

Lazer Brainz

Port darrius
‘Theme’ Restaurant
Despite its bizarre and seemingly ‘cheesy’ surroundings, Lazer Brainz proves to be a station favourite with it’s relaxing underwater theme, homely food, extravagant cocktails and attractive barmaids.
Famous for it’s signature drink the ‘Underwater Love’

Darius Drawl: Male, Human, barman
Appearance Gawky, buck-toothed, thinning red hair, freckles and infectious smile.
Manner Open, friendly, positive.

Station Facilities

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