Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Fist Full of Droid Parts V4

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010821

I can sense Areena is hurt.

We enter into the apartment of the Yarkoran. Areena’s presence is far beyond the back of the room. I direct Manco to look for a secret passage or fake wall, something the little guys is good at locating. He finds it, and then spends some time fumbling around with the switch before he gets it open. He claims it’s because it was trapped, but I suspect it’s because he has trouble working out whether to push or pull…

Journals_DestroyerDroid.jpgBefore we go Manco sends his robo camera down the passageway, it gets knocked out of the air and I follow it down the corridor preparing myself for battle. A droid steps around the corner, I ignite my lightsaber and strike it down quickly, followed by another droid that appears at the end of the corridor. They seem weak and ill prepared for guard duty. There is the sound of a scuffle behind us as we continue on. Areena needs help. We come to a bulk head door than Manco opens and it leads to a suspicious looking corridor. I suspect traps and leap forward into a roll. Unfortunately the my intuition seemed to be warning me of the wrong danger as I am gunned down as I land.

I lose consciousness…I see a figure walking towards me in the light. He is cloaked, perhaps another vision of an old Jedi master about to convey some ancient wisdom. He pauses. I look deeper into the cloak, into the heart of the only truth about the Force, into…

…the blinking lights of Manco’s eyes…

“Spleurghhh” I cough up some blood, though notice that the pain in my chest is receding, being replaced by the cool warmth of a medpac.

I nod at Manco, regain my feet and look around. One battle droid is down and the other starts shooting at Manco, I stand between them and defend the little one, I owe him that much. Tyr guns the droid down and we look at each other.

Areena still needs our help.



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