Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A New Alliance

Time to Squeal Space Pigs!

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 13-09-12

On our way to Von Riser’s Moon.
Seems he’s tired of working for the Imps and wants to switch sides for more of a challenge. I suspect there’s more to his story, but I don’t press. I am curious about the package he brought noboard though and he offers to show us, however, he seems a little concerned we may be offended, but that does not stop him fetching it.

Journals_RaptHull.jpg While he’s gone the crew debates what it could be, I think it’s something showing his medals and achievements, Vrinko believes its trinkets from the enemies he has defeated and unsurprisingly Tyr comes up with the worst idea stating it’s the drive core. Sigh…has he ever seen a drive core? Mental note never, ever let him anywhere near my engine bay. Riser comes back and rips the cover off the package revealing a piece of the hull displaying a tally of his kills. So I was right after all!

A few days later we arrive at the moon, I ask Tyr to scan for life forms, I don’t want any more surprises. We find something on the bottom side of the moon and head there. Military style buildings and a large landing pad are constructed on the dull grey and flat surface and after some intercom chatter we state we have the package and then land.

Three humans meet us and escort us all inside and there to greet us is Hannah. Von Riser shakes our hands and bids us farewell before departing. We all sit down with Hannah, moments later a strange dark skinned women clad in a purple robe enters. It seems Tyr knows her. Apparently she was a trap to determine the crews loyalty and I learn she offered Tye 50K to turn Hannah in.
Strange he did not mention this to the rest of the crew which I loudly state in front of everyone. Seems he does not trust me or the crew. I am somewhat hurt by his actions and I won’t forget what he did anytime soon.

Hannah interrupts and says perhaps we should discuss our so called Captains lack of faith later. She informs us she works for the Rebellion and they are seeking allies to help them defeat the Imperials. This is all very intriguing and I am totally committed to helping her and don’t need to hear any further details. While she drones on I tune out and think of interesting ways I can pay Tyr back for his transgressions…Set Nam 3’s massage program to bone breaking force, release some Aridusian lava beetles, Kretch or a swarm of Jabiimi dragonfly into his room. No…I got it…Fluoroantimonic Acid around the Fresher seat. I have a batch I was saving for Vrinko as it reacts well to moisture.

I switch back to the conversation. Hannah tells us the pay is not so great, but a special package will be waiting for us when we get back. I like the sound of that!
We say our goodbyes and punch out for the Eye. During the trip I perform some more upgrades for Vrinko. He has still not found what I did to his armour. Ahhhhhh insulting the Jawa mechanic is worse than being rude to your waiter. He’ll never learn.

Back on the Eye I am most curious to find out what package is. A large cargo crate is loaded onto the Gambit and I quickly rip the packaging off. Hmmm I don’t believe I have seen such a thing before. I run several diagnostics and low and behold to my immense amazement it’s a sub-space tracking device! Finally we can hunt the filthy-stinking Space Pigs.

Port-NPC-Jhanez.jpgWe head over to Janezias store to talk upgrades. I barter him down on a top of the line Ion Cannon and then mention the Sub Space tracker how it could be delivered via a ranged projectile. He suggest we can use an empty torpedo casing. We both think that would work perfectly along with a magnetic header unit. Back on the ship I eagerly begin construction. Several hours of hard work later we have it. The galaxies first projectile based sub space tracking device. Vrinko suggest we call it the “Squealer” I must admit I could have not come up with a more fitting name.

Journals_Squealer.jpg We set ourselves up as a ripe target for the Space Pigs, but after a 3 day space trip we don’t get a single bite. Perhaps the cargo we bragged about carrying was wrong or the location. With greater resolve we try again and make the jump. A few hours later our journey is interrupted by warning klaxons sound throughout the ship.

It’s them! The Space Pigs have found us.



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