Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Ship full of K'lorslugs!

Port pc vrinko

EyeUser: Vrinko
Log Entry: 280511

Journ ari v klslug

After Arribacca turned that slug into paste I could almost feel the creds slipping out of my grasp. “We need them alive” I tell him.

I think he understood but who can tell.

We walk out into the cargo area to see another slug, dropped by Manco.

I sigh again.

As Tyr makes his way to meet up with us from the cockpit, we hear a scream as he is attacked by two more of the slippery creatures. I think Ari and Manco are a bit surprised when I whoop with delight and run to meet Tyr, stun baton raised.

Before we get there Tyr is bitten and hits the deck. I rush forward to help and stand on one of those damn things tails. I hit the deck. I manage to haul myself to my feet just in time to be bitten in turn and join the captain in paralysis. The force is not with me this day.

With Tyr and Vrinko paralysed by slug bite, all Arribacca could think of doing was haul back and punch the K’lor slug in the face.

Needless to say it hit the deck moments later.

The remaining wounded K’Lorslug skittered away with Manco in hot pursuit. He pauses to blow the head off one of the already downed creatures before tracking the wounded slug to the escape pod. Pausing briefly to wonder whether he should just jettison the creature into space, he opens fires and blows it into pieces.
We’re really going to have to get a cleaning crew in this time.

Arribacca gets his medicinal herbs and revives both Vrinko and Tyr. As Vrinko stands up he zaps the unconscious slug with his stun baton for good measure. Manco manages to create a set of restraints from some heavy duty cables and we store the creature in our new smugglers hold. We clean ourselves up and prepare to dock back at the eye.

We weren’t prepared to become media celebrities.

Arena Tana from the “Eye on the Eye” was there and we gave a pretty good interview with Tyr using the opportunity to advertise our skills. We give her a copy of the footage of the fight and hope this will ensure that we get our money. We have no time to celebrate quite yet though as we have to claim our bounty from the Spacer’s Guild. Apparently we’re the first to claim the bounty but with the news story and our footage it looks assured, though it might take a bit of time.

We then contact Chessel Bard to see if he’s still in the market for fresh slug…he is. And it looks like we could make some creds out of it too. We arrange to drop it off to him in three days time at Dynaan. Tyr even finds a cargo shipment for us to take as well, exotic food stuffs, earning us an extra bonus. We then go see Hagan Crue at the LEyevery to ask what the slug will eat. He helps us out, and to pay him back we take him to watch us feed dead slug to a live slug…Urghhh.

After all that I definitely need a drink.



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