Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Battle for the Eye V3

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 170713

It seems our golden run was at an end, the Eye was in the sights of the Emperor and he had sent no less than the Imperial Star Destroyer ‘Endgame’ to ensure it’s capture. The asteroid field ringing the station would buy us some time but ultimately someone would need to engage the ISD for long enough to enable a full evacuation and let the Eye itself jump to the safety of hyperspace . I wonder what drew their wrath? Was it our recent action on Nar Shaddaa, the ongoing activities of Hanna and her Rebel agents, the machinations of one of the crime lords, Vrinko’s new ship or maybe just the relative independant success of this hive of scum and villany.

It didn’t matter. The recent forced attempts to recruit me had hardened my resolve. I wasn’t going to let the Empire have another inch of this galaxy without a fight. And a fight they would have, the station was packed full of the best tramp freighters, modified beyong all legal restrictions to make them the fastest, toughest and deadliest ships in the outer rim. Not to mention the best damn tramp freighter captain to lead them. Sure we didn’t have anything to match the outright firepower of an ISD but we could deal with the TIE waves and provide the Eye with valuable time.

Arri convinced me to meet with Madame Khorash who was trying to recover what little remained of her crumbling business. She proposed that we take a troupe of Twi’Lek dancers off-station for her in satisfaction of our supposed debt. While I was still of the opinion the only way to satisy the debt should be a blaster bolt I agreed. The Twi’Lek’s needed help and I needed Arri focussed for this next combat.
As Eye security oversaw the evacuation we were tasked we routing out Imperial infiltration teams. However as soon as Eye security had left the street we came across more than just stormtroopers, including an ZG-AT, Grell goons and Banshee crew in distress. However the real role we had was in the coming space battle as defenseless transports attempted to break through the swarms of TIE fighters and bombers hemming the Eye in.

With Vrinko charged with delaying the ISD Endgame with his Leviathan we picked up a hopeful gunner, Derek, who’s wife was making an escape on one of the transports. Thankfully he wasn’t relying on any invisible powers to guide his hand, we’d need that reliability if the Gambit was to stay in one piece. Leading Alpha wing my attack plan was simple, surprise the TIEs with the deceptive speed of the modified tramp freighters in a head on assault. Once engaged we could punish the bombers targetting the transports with our superior firepower. The Traitor’s Gambit led the charge, cutting throught he centre swarm scattering them as we spat death into space from the two overcharged turrets. The speed of the Gambit combined with my expert pilot skills defied the TIEs at every moment, skillfully avoiding any attempt to pin us down. As the TIE bombers broke for the transports the overcharged engines quickly brought us close enabling Manco to disable them with ion blasts while the turrets punished their TIE interceptor escorts. By the time the last transport had jumped to hyperspace we had accounted for 14 enemy ships and disabled many more.

But the battle was not over. As the Eye ponderously cleared the asteroid field the Leviathan engaged in a losing battle with the ISD Endgame. Sheets of turbolaser fire washed across the shields of each massive ship. The scanners showed the Leviathan was nearing it’s power limits only for it to suddenly surge before the shields failed. I have to give some credit to the fishhead, he hadn’t cut and run with his precious ship like I had expected him to. I nodded to Manco, with the transports safe it was time to engage the second stage of our engagement and hit the Imps hard. We handed lead of Alpha wing across to Talia and commenced our attack run as the Eye jumped clear.

With the hull screaming under the intense pressure of the engines we hurled towards the ISD. Just before it’s shields failed, the Leviathan jumped clear leaving us to do the heavy lifting. My time in the Imperial shipyards gave me an edge over the slow correction of the turbolaser batteries, the image of Marl’s pained face flashing before my eyes. Corkscrewing past weapon blisters at impossible speed we hugged as close to the hull as possible to avoid any attempt to capture us in a tractorbeam. Just below the twin deflector shield generators lay a small recess nearly impossible to spot to an untrained eye. The captain who had threatened the Eye would be standing at the bridge surveying the failure of his assault, the perfect opportunity for us to strike and lock into the annuals of history the Traitor’s Gambit. Manco furiously worked the targetting instruments on the proton torpedo launcher following my every instruction to the letter. There was little the Captain could do as we launched two glimmering warheads at pointblank range, the flakfields protecting the bridge unable to clear the unexpected attack.
With the captain of an ISD to paint on our hull we evacuated to the rendezvous point to a huge celebration. Vrinko had already left with whatever spoils he could claim, I doubt I’ll ever see that thief again given his recent bizarre mood swings. More unfortunate was the loss of Arri to that witch, Madame Khorash. She must have bribed him with those raw Bantha steaks he seemed to enjoy so much or otherwise promised him something she never intended to deliver. It didn’t matter, Derek and his wife had signed on to join faithful Manco and I on the Gambit. New adventures awaited us in the Rebellion, most importantly, the opportunity take the battle to the Empire. It didn’t matter where in the galaxy we went, the best tramp freighter around was going to war…



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