Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Belly of the Beast

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010824

There was a moment of disorientation and then I found myself standing in one of the corridors of the ship.

Journals_Levith.jpg Well not quite the ship.
It looked, newer, cleaner. I saw a robed figure disappear around a distant corner and followed. I suspected we were heading towards the bridge, though no matter how fast I moved the robed figure was always at the next corner. When I got to the bridge I stopped. Everything was working and there were people manning the consoles.
Well not quite people. They moved stiffly and seemed hollow somehow. I moved passed them, and no one tried to stop me.

Out the view port there was a battle raging. Fighters and transports like those we found in the hanger were engaging in an all-out war. IN the distance I could see what looked like a stone fortress though it was hard to tell.

Heading down the stairs again I walked into the crystal chamber and there, seated on the thrown was the robed figure. A human female.

She introduced herself as Leveth. She told me of the ship, of the crystal that was the Heart of the ship, the Crucible. She told me that one person could control the entire ship from the Throne.

And all that they needed to do was to act as her host.
That didn’t sound too appealing, though maybe there was a way to control the ship and her…
She required my help first though. There was an intruder in here who was battling her for control of the Crucible. I said I’d take care of it.

We walked back up to the bridge. There I focused my will on changing this hollow world I found myself in, by imagining a bulkhead door leading to a balcony on the side of the ship. It took some effort, but it appeared. Levith seemed impressed, and I exited to the balcony.
Once there I had a hard time working out how to get to the fortress. I imagined a taxi from Coruscant appearing, to no avail. This balcony was actually pretty high off the ground. I wandered what would happen if I died in here…

I then had a thought that the more appropriate the change to this place, the easier it would be. I focused my will and one of the scout ships broke off from the battle and came down to pick me up.

I got in and gave orders to fly to the fortress and to avoid the other ships as much as possible, the pilots looked at me but set course. As we flew away I looked back and saw that Levith was not in a version of her ship, but a fortress made to resemble it.
Halfway there I focused my will again and transformed the scout ship into one that the Intruder was using. There was a shimmer of matter and then we continued through the battle hidden as an enemy ship.

As we got closer to the Intruders fortress I could see that it did indeed look to be made of stone, and looked old. We were contacted by radio and I responded that I was from outside the crystal and wanted to talk to whoever was in charge. There was some consternation, though they eventually let us land in their docking bay. After docking I exited the ship and told the pilots to wait until my return. There were quite a few soldiers waiting for me, who acted the same as those in Levith’s fortress, and they asked for my weapons. Fools. I gladly obliged and they escorted me to a meeting room. Once there I sat and focused my will again, and my lightsaber returned to my hip.

Journals_Orlando.jpg After a moderate wait, a robed, moustachioed figure with a lightsaber and blaster pistol entered the room, flanked by six armed commandos. He looked exactly like the holoprojection back on the ship. He asked who I was, and I told him. I was Vrinko Dash, from the real world who has entered the crystal on the ship. He didn’t seem to understand. He said his name was Orlando and asked what I wanted. I told him I was sent to talk. He told me he was trying to stop Leveth from spreading evil but he was losing this battle. In a year or two he’d be out of resources. He started to get angry and demanded who I was again. I tried to jog his memory by concentrating and creating a bust of the Witch, to see if he remembered him.
He reacted, but was still not sure. Strangely by seeing the Witch and Orlando’s faces side by side, I could see that there was a strong resemblance there. The Witch looked like an older version of Orlando. They could have been the same person, but my guess was they were brothers.

He had nothing for me; he couldn’t even remember who he was or why he was here. And he was losing the battle.

I reached under the table to my lightsaber and started to prepare myself for battle. One of the commando warned Orlando that I was armed, I’d forgotten about those puppets. Orlando only had a brief moment to wonder out loud how that could be when I focused my will again and walled off our side of the meeting room from the commandos with two bulkheads. I stood up, trying to delay Orlando so that I could be ready for battle, but he attacked.

He drew his lightsaber and attacked. He stunned me momentarily before I could ignite my own blade and then we started to trade blows. He was good, and no matter what I did he was able to block every strike. He paused for a second, then the walls I had constructed disappeared.
‘Kill him’, he cried and the commandos opened fire.

I parried and deflected every shot, taking out one of the commandos in the process. I couldn’t last long though, so focusing on a single strike I lashed out at Orlando.

And struck his head from his shoulders.

As I had thought the commandos stopped what they were doing and stared blankly around. I put away my lightsaber, just as the Fortress gave a mighty heave, it began to break apart.
I made my way back to the docking bay and hopped back into the scout ship.
‘Get us out of here!’ I cried and we flew out of the collapsing stone fortress and made our way back to Levith.

For my reward.



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