Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Between a Hoth and a hard place

Port a manco

EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 171110

Drohn, battered and bruised once again rises to his feet… A gigantic shadow looms over him. ..


Spinning around Drohn sees a massive white beast with a huge fang filled maw. The Wampa bellows and swipes with its’ razor sharp claws. Drohn leaps backs just in time, turns around and runs for his life. His foot catches in the deep snow and he falls over as the mighty Wampa charges. Drohn quickly withdraws his vibroblade and slashes it across the face. It roars in pain.
Drohn slashes again, slicing its throat open.

Meanwhile, Vrinko, after several attempts, finally brings the lead Tauntaun in check. Tyr and I round up the remaining beasts and we head back to Drohn, whose working away on what’s left of the Wampa trying to decapitate it. At first I question his sanity until he states it would make a nice trophy.
He’s right it would hang well in the galley.

We set up a portable pen for the Tauntauns and then set out in search of the missing herdsmen, Ranko and Grigg. Using scanners Tyr manages to locate a feint signal and we head out. Eventually we find Grigg. Severely wounded and suffering from cold exposure he tells us that Ranko was carried off by a Wampa and begs us to get him.

After setting up a survival dome and ensuring Grigg was stable we headed out after the Wampa to the northeast. My legs and back ache, my eyes are stinging and I’m cold and tired. I just want to get back to the ship and rest in my quarters.

Tyr and I use the scanners and manage to locate what we think may be a signal in a systems of caves just up ahead. Continuing onwards we dismount and enter a cavern. The floor is littered with bones, there are drag marks along the ground and a crushed blaster pistol.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Thankfully I have my repeater blaster rifle and I don’t care if I’m overcompensating for my stature.

We move deeper into the cave, it’s lit by incandescent blue crystals. Further inside a humanoid figure can be seen hanging upside down from the ceiling. A deep throated growl echoes from the back of the cave and a large hulking Wampa emerges. With a roar it charges forwards.

I open fire with my blaster rifle, hitting the beast in the head several times. It staggers and takes a swipe at Vrinko, who skilfully parries the blow. I take aim again and it drunkenly staggers around flailing aimlessly.

Releasing he’s of little use with that children’s toy of a blaster, Tyr moves into the back of the cave to check on the suspended Rinko.

Vrinko, sensing the Wampa is stunned, leaps forward whirling his light sabre around to open a large wound in the beast’s chest, knocking it to the ground.

With that opening, Drohn stabs the Wampa in the throat and it gargles on its own blood before dying.

Drohn skins the Wampa. It sure will make a great rug for the Galley. If there are any parts left over I will make some slippers as the floor of the ship is cold on my bare feet. On the way out Drohn gathers several of the crystals from the cavern wall. He is a true scavenger and would take anything that’s not bolted down. He’d make a good Jawa.

The Wrangler, Rinko, is barely alive and we put him on the speeder and head back to collect Grigg. Back at the way station we are thanked for our trouble and rewarded with med packs and equipment. Grigg, happy to be alive informs us of a secret cache in the hanger bay, perhaps a remnant of previous guests. Inside is several frozen crates of blaster rifles. I know my weapons and can strip down an imperial blaster rifle blindfolded in under a minute. These, however, look like Clone War era weapons. A little old, but I can get them in working order once thawed.

We load the ship and start our journey home, returning without any hitches. We also receive a 1500c bonus for rescuing the wranglers!



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