Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Cleaning Up

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 071211

Technician Manco runs off down the hallway with intent to fix our ship. Friend Vrinko examines the docked ship from the airlock as he suits up – he crosses over to the other ship’s airlock door and begins to cut through with his laser sword. I would help him but it is not safe out there without a vacuum suit – of which we have none that would fit me.

Softly lit up by the emergency lights are the lifeless bodies of the enemy all around me. Feeling somewhat useless I begin to loot the pirates’ belongings and clear up the hallway. I arrange what I find in neat piles at the edge of the walls.

A comlink. Six somewhat rusty axes, two large sledge hammers and a pistol.
One of the Gamorreans has a gambling chip which I pocket.
They all seem to be carrying some unappetising food stuffs.
Bingo! One of the pirates has a pouch and pipe – he is definitely my favourite.
I find some equipment I am sure technician Manco will appreciate, a heavy blaster and some sort of heavy carbine mod.

I look out the airlock window to see friend Vrinko still trying to cut through their airlock. Perhaps he needs help, but all I can do is tap on the glass and offer him some verbal encouragement – he seems to take notice and continues his task. I return to the mess behind me.

More uninspiring melee weapons, a club, two standard blades, a vibro knife. I think perhaps we can exchange some of this junk for credits back at the Eye. There are also some useful utility items including two breath masks, four glow rods, a couple of synth ropes, and three pairs of magcuffs.

Friend Vrinko tells me he is finished over the comlink and that I should make sure our airlock is locked. The airlock is indeed locked. What now? I move the incapacitated pirate into a side room and tie him up with his own synth rope – and bind his arms with his buddy’s magcuffs.

The emergency lights fade as the Gambit’s normal ambience returns – finally, our power is back. I ask NAN-3 to come open the airlock door for friend Vrinko upon his return as I make my way to the ship’s turret.

Not long after that we begin to pull away from the docked ship, I hear friend Vrinko join me for some gun play. We both open fire on the pirate ship, aiming for the open airlock, and manage to destroy their shields.

Another transport ship appears from behind some asteroids, and two more escort fighters shortly after that. A space battle unfolds – and a rather frustrating one I must say. Pilot Tyr is able to avoid us taking direct fire, our offense however, is not as strong as one would hope. We are firing on target, but these pirates are able to take quite a beating. We chip away at the enemy for what seems like an eternity, and eventually take out both fighters… leaving only the transport ships.

These bigger transports are better shielded than the fighters, but friend Vrinko and myself focus our fire. For a while our target seems to be unaffected, but eventually it succumbs to our assault and bursts into flame and debris. One more pirate to go. We are able to inflict some minor damage to it, but he is out manuveouring us. Eventually the ship gives up returning fire and begins to speed away.

We give chase but just as I prepare to open fire again, the last pirate transport disappears into hyperspace, leaving only feint blue trails – and disappointment.



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