Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Dangerous Streets

Heat Struck

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 130113

A Zabrak named Drohn showed up at our ship offering quick credits in exchange for some assistance – his friends were in some sort of ‘Imperial entanglement’. I did not know know this Zabrak, but the rest of the Gambit crew did, somebody they have worked with before. The mention of Imperials was all it took to get technician Manco to agree to the mission. It was a successful mission, featuring lots of Imps, an AT-ST and a sarlacc pit – and it payed off rather well. However, while I would normally be happy to provide a post-mortem of the events, I am finding it hard to focus in this heat. I need to get off Tattoonie – and soon.

The Zabrak disappeared after the mission just as quickly as he had first appeared. Technician Manco celebrated the success of the mission by investing his earnings on a jet-pack – a rather amusing sight for the rest of us as he gave it a test flight just outside of town – I am sure he will eventually perfect the landing. Friend Vrinko got bored halfway through the show and returned to the ship. I stuck around to make sure our Jawa was ok, and then the rest of us headed back to the ship too.

But we were not to leave just yet…
The heat even in the dark alleys of this planet is scalding, which is why I was a little thrown off by a stranger greeting us on the way to our ship. He knew technician Manco apparently and…

…the next thing I remember I am lying on the ground entangled in a net with shouts and blaster fire going off all around me. My fur feels like it is on fire, and everything looks blurry. The only thing in focus is a trident poking me through the net. A grenade goes off somewhere nearby. I try and look around, as my blurry vision comes in and out I can just make-out pilot Tyr lying motionless not too far from me. Next to him is a cloaked figure with his back to me, he is facing… technician Manco, who looks pinned down in a corner of the alley. I try and find the strength to rise up and get out of this net…


My blurriness fades to black. Something hit me, and hit me hard. Is this really how it ends? The roasting hot floor is burning up my fur. I hear a heavy wind…

I am falling from high in the atmosphere. I see green and white below me. High trees covered in snow. I hit the top of a tree but it does not break my fall – instead I continue to descend, the icy branches slowing and cooling me down. My arms fail, I cannot take control of the drop – but it does not seem like I need to. The bushy branches soften my fall until the very end, where I hit a soft snowy patch of floor with a soft thud. My whole body now engulfed in cold snow. I lift my head to see a very familiar sparkling plant right before my face. It unfolds and grows quickly, as if time-lapsed, all the while the sparkling becoming more intense… until… it explodes right before me like a super-nova…

I open my eyes, the blurriness is gone. I see and hear everything crystal clear apart from the occasional sparkles which gently intrude my vision. The ground seems cool to the touch now. In one swift motion I stand up and cut open the net which had entangled me. I am not sure what creature stands before me, but I pre-empt his trident swing, dodge, and strike him down with a carefully placed Wrruushi attack. Before I can turn my attention to technician Manco, another creature runs at me from down the alley – I am somewhat distracted by the sparkles hovering around its head. I raise my elbow once again, and strike down at the creature’s head as it comes into range – the sparkles all but gone by the time it hits the ground.

Technician Manco has since positioned himself closer to me, the cloaked figure now turned to face me. As I approach him he turns and flees – Manco takes a shot at him but misses. I turn my attention to pilot Tyr, he seems to still be alive, but is quite badly hurt. As I help him up my vision softens ever so slightly, and I begin to feel the surrounding heat once again. That was quite odd. We leave the bodies of our enemies behind, and rush back to the ship.



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