Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Deep Hunted

Port a arribacca

EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 060411

The ship, the crew is prepared. We sit down with friends of the Fircracker and collate our information on the Bloody Tusks. We have done well, we have exhausted our resources. We calculate what routes and zones that they like to attack; we look at what stock and kinds of ships they are most likely to hit. We plant seeds across the station, with the help of a new contact that Vrinko made; Officer Kand and set ourselves up as an obvious target.


Upgrades complete we set out with The Firecracker-
Our hard work has paid off. Using deep hunting tactics they drop the wreck of a capital transport into our path and force us to drop out of Hyperspace; but unlike many other victims we are ready for them.

Four fighters.

Target is in my sights, I fire.

I am becoming accustomed to these turret controls, they require me to be gentle. If I push too hard I lose control. My Wrruushi master told me this many times.

“True strength means having control. It is about the moment before impact, knowing where you and your opponent are, understanding the consequences of the impending strike, preparing for the vulnerability it may bring – controlling the outcome.”

The ship in my sights explodes into many small pieces. My master was right.

I can hear friend Vrinko getting excited from across the hallway. He too has hit another ship in range – an opponent that no longer has shields. But the opponent does not show fear as him and another continue to fly towards our ally friends on the Firecracker. I see our ally ship fire at the shield-less enemy, but he is too fast. The pilot of our ally ship manoeuvres to flank the enemy ship and I see more laser fire from our ally. But there is no hit. This enemy may have no shields, but he has control – he still has strength – and my ally now has a vulnerability. I target the enemy and fire before he can counter-act my allies failed attack. I do not fail. The enemy ship trembles and there is a big explosion. I have hit his control system – I have taken away his strength. But he is not alone out here, another enemy approaches our ally ship – perhaps to protect his weakened friend. It attacks but does not succeed.

There is a yell from friend Vrinko. A fourth ship is flying toward us and very quickly, we cannot target him as he is behind the floating debris. This does not stop him from attacking us. He fires in our direction but hits a big piece of debris instead which explodes into many pieces. We cannot do much with so much interference, so we begin to fly away from the field. In the distance I can see our ally shooting at the weakened enemy, but there is no hit. There is a short pause, and then suddenly one shot is fired from our ally… but not at the weakened ship. Instead at his friend.

There is a big explosion. No more friend.

Port talia
“That’s how it’s done boys.” It was the female human from our ally ship. She is proud of her attack. She has right to be – it was a very strong attack.

The debris no longer protects the enemy from us. He cannot feel very strong now. Two of his friends are destroyed. His one remaining friend is weak. I take aim and fire. There is a small spark on the enemy but he does not look affected. I misjudged this opponent. Friend Vrinko also fires at the enemy, but this time there is not even a spark. The enemy approaches quickly. He fires on us. I feel our ship’s sudden movement as we avoid the attack. Our ally flies towards us to help with the final threat. The weakened ship behind them tries to fire at our ally, but is not successful. Our ally ignores this desperate and weak attack, instead it fires on the ship that is attacking us. I take aim and attack too. No hits. This pilot seems stronger than the other ships. Again he fires on our ship, and again I feel the sudden movements as we avoid the attack. Pilot Tyr has good control. Our ally ship fires at the enemy many times, but still there is no hit. Pilot Tyr suddenly flies our ship very close to the enemy, this is my chance. Target is in my sights, I fire. My attack is weak, I miss. But I am close to him now, and I can see a marking on his ship. This enemy has a strong history.

I suddenly feel a sense of peace and calm from across the hallway… it is friend Vrinko. He fires at the enemy and hits. The strong enemy now has no shields. But we are still his target, and he attacks – Pilot Tyr is learning quickly from this battle, and this time our ship movements are small as he avoids the incoming fire. Our ally closes in on the enemy and successfully disables the ship with the ION blasts. Almost immediately our allies fire more lasers and destroy the enemy’s weapons. I swing my turret and target him – we have taken away his strength. How many has he taken from before? I do not know. I wonder if he is prepared for this outcome. I fire. His ship explodes into many pieces. I turn around just in-time to see the old weakened enemy shooting wildly in desperation – no control. Our ally fires at the final enemy. And suddenly we are alone.

Pilot Tyr and our allies perform scans of the area, but nothing is found. There is nothing on the big abandoned ship either. A dead vessel used by these enemies to ambush travellers. We decide it is best we destroy the ship, so that no more people will fall into this trap.

We are able to review the battle from the footage technician Manco had just recorded. Pilot Tyr says the ships look like out of service local star fighters, suggesting they probably had no hyperdrive systems on-board. Everybody understood what this meant. A bigger ship must have left them here – and might be back to try and pick them up again. With our co-ordinates to hyperspace out ready, it is decided we remain hidden in the debris for a short while to see if any more pirates arrive.

While we wait, I might continue reading that book I recently found.



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