Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Dragon Heist V1

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 110712

Below us is a Kintan strider – a relentless predator, a mighty warrior and it can endure long battles given its healing ability. I turn to friend Vrinko just as he grabs technician Manco and jumps out the window down towards the creature – I hope he knows what he is doing.

Journals 15

The Dragon worker behind us seems quite smug and vocal about the strider he calls Bessie – I better deal with him. Perhaps the others will need him for information; I decide to tie him up with the synth rope hanging in the lift shaft. I climb down the shaft to see if I can join the battle through the ground floor, but the lift appears to be jammed in place – I guess it is the window for me too.

As I climb out I find pilot Tyr asking the hanging Dragon about some codes, I adjust the synth rope so that he can continue the interrogation face to face. There is some commotion behind me as I walk away towards the window and then a blaster shot – it seems our Dragon captive has just lost an eye.

Stepping out onto the tower’s wall I can see the battle against the strider down below. I yell out to them but nobody seems to notice – not that it really matters. Manco is seated at a nearby turret and takes some shots at the creature. At first it staggers and holds balance, but the next shot drops the Kintan strider flat on the ground – revealing a saber wielding friend Vrinko behind it.

I help technician Manco up to the top of the tower before heading back down to the warehouse to help load cargo onto the ship. There is some argument from the tower between our Jawa and pilot Tyr, friend Vrinko shaking his head in disbelief. We are told to look out for the warehouse’s cargo manifest, perhaps it is in one of the rooms near the lift. I stumble into a room that looks like a lounge suite, and find three healthy bags of spice stashed in a cabinet – I add them to my belt.

Friend Vrinko yells at me over the comms to get back to the ship and help load the cargo, they have found the cargo manifest. It takes some time but we manage to fit a large amount of supplies into our cargo bay. I help technician Manco take the turret gun he used to take out the strider, at which point pilot Tyr says it is time to go. I jump down from the tower with our Jawa and the gun and run into the ship.

Pilot Tyr powers up the ship. Friend Vrinko jumps into a turret, I follow lead and hop into the second turret, opening fire on the warehouse as we fly out. There are flames everywhere, a scene reminiscent of the gas mining colony of Smiley’s World – so much destruction.

Port kyfer We head out into the desert to pick up Urgle, his brother and his female companion at the rendezvous point. Scanning the area we only detect two life-forms however. Technician Manco and myself scout the area and find Kyfer and Wisspe hiding in a nearby cave – Kyfer looks quite beat up holding up a limp and weak Wisspe over his shoulder. Something went wrong. I run over and take Wisspe, signaling Kyfer to follow. Back at the ship’s ramp technician Manco appears quite jittery, unwilling to lower his blaster – friend Vrinko comes out to investigate. Port wispe

There is a moment between Kyfer and friend Vrinko before we all start heading up the ramp, technician Manco finally lowering his weapon. Kyfer is given some medical attention, while I find an empty room to rest Wisspe in – she seems spiced up on something – the wrong kind of spice. A hot tea and some rest will help her improve. On my way to the kitchen I feel a sense of tranquility, perhaps in contrast to the events of the past few hours. The sole gentle hum emanating from the ship seems quite fitting, providing a moment’s peace for old friend Urgle.



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