Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Dragon Heist V2

Captain's an Idiot!

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 120712

I’m about to hack into the base computer when Vrinko grabs me by the waist. I squeak in protest as he leaps out of the window taking me with him. We land perfectly many meters below and then immediately spring off again to land next to the mounted turret. This is a great way to travel!

Vrinko tells me to man the gun and he will lure the Kantan Strider out. Good plan.

I kick the headless corpse of the gunner from the platform and wipe his blood from the controls. Vrinko leaps down and I fire up the turret. I hope this can stop that thing.

I hear Vrinko whistling and then see him sprint to the back of the cargo bay. Out of nowhere the Kintan Strider leaps forward landing right next him swinging its massive hammer. Vrinko barely has time to duck out of the way as the hammer strikes the wall removing a large chunk of concrete.

Journals 15

I take aim and unleash a volley of shots. They harmlessly bounce of its thick body. I fire again and again.
Still no effect.
The beast looks around right at me.
I have a bad feeling about this.

Vrinko slashes the beast across its back; it howls in pain and goes down in a crumpled heap… But still breathing… Looks like Vrinko landed one.
Lucky for me I think it was planning to leap up here.
Inspired I target the back of the Kintans’ unmoving head and unload. There is a sickly crunching sound and its head explodes showering Vrinko in blood and gore. Even from my elevated position I can tell he’s not amused. He walks off shaking his head and leaving me on the platform.

Tyr chimes in over the comm and tells me he has the password for the computer. I tell him under no circumstances to touch it, then I ask Ari to come and collect me while I unbolt the gun. Yeah, I’m stealing it and I think I can find a good place for this on the ship. Ari scales the wall, grabs me and the gun and then leaps of the ledge, landing nimbly on his feet. What is this Wookie made of?

I get back to the computer room to find the system in lockdown. That imbecile Tyr has no doubt done what I told him not to. I yell at him. He lies, saying he put in the correct code.

“I know what you did. Idiot!”

I try to hack back in, but it’s difficult. The system is in total lockdown.

“You moron Tyr, you druk brained moron. Don’t lie to me I know you did this. We cannot find out what’s stored in the bay or shut down the defence turrets now!”

Tyr shoots the console and it explodes.

I’m so angry I feel my hand reaching for my blaster. I almost drew and fired. I really need to check my temper.

I would have killed him.

I yell “Nice work laser brain, you’ve jeopardised the entire mission.”

I think for a while, they must be a way to rescue this. I call Ari on the comm and tell him there should be a manifest somewhere in the cargo bay. I find a backup console and begin to hack in, ignoring Tyr’s childish protests.

Junk-armed, weak blasting, incompetent wamp-rat.

Finally I get the systems online and manage to shut down the base defensive cannons. Ari calls back and tells me he found the manifest and they will start loading the ship. Luckily someone knows what they’re doing.

Other than the flying, what does Tyr bring to the team?

I continue hacking the systems and wipe all the security camera footage. I’ve had enough of this and head down to the cargo bay. Looks like we got some good loot, but time is running out fast. Vrinko wants to leave right now, but I manage to convince him to do one more load.

We prep the ship and fly out. Ari and Vrinko open fire from the turrets blasting the base interior to pieces.

We reach the rendezvous point and wait for Urgle.

Port kyfer I lower the gangplank and wait. Two figures emerge from the dust.
It looks like Kyfer and a female. Where is Urgle? This is bad. As they near I see Keifer bleeding from a leg and chest wound and the female is staggering, trying to hold him up. I level my blaster and tell them not to move.
Over the comm I tell Vrinko his skills are needed.
Port wispe

Vrinko walks down and nods, I lower my blaster. We ask Keifer what happened. He says Urgle is dead, they got swarmed, everything went wrong, they barely made it out alive. Something is very wrong here.

We allow them to board and I patch Kyfer’s wounds up.

Vrinko thinks Kyfer is telling the truth, but I’m not so sure.
We offer them a room and I set up some surveillance so I can monitor them during the flight home.

I need to time to think so I head back to my quarters only to find Vrinko’s bloody armour deposited there.

Hmm…he expects me to clean it does he?

Now where did I put those flesh eating slugs?



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