Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Eight Sides to Trouble V1

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 121211

Well what was originally just a passenger transit to Alderaan for Hanna has gone from bad to worse. While the threat of borked hyperspace jumps, a permanent trip to Kessel or a boarding by the Bloody Tusks might challenge the resolve of any great tramp freighter captain and his crew, it is the mystery of the “Octagon” which has even Arri shaking in his fur. Not even information on his nemesis, Black Claw, can bring his focus back.

In no time we had receive a package with four silver passes to meet Akika Khorash, the owner of the Octagon. Clearly we were under surveillance on our home station. By this stage the crew are so wound up that there’s no holding them back. It was time to sort out whoever sent the goons who boarded my ship back on Denom.

The Octagon is not just another dive of a cantina, the place is huge, high-class and more secure than the administrator of the Eye’s personal fresher. I’m reminded of my previous employer, a monolithic corporate telling citizens what is good for them, as it takes their credits and their lives. I’d a right mind to put my hold-out to Akika’s face the moment I meet her.

Vrinko, ever the earnest fishycophant, led us through the well dressed thugs at the door and into the den of iniquity. The central room is two stories high with private rooms all around and a column of light above the central bar. We are ushered into a private area where a cyborg waiter named Ogeer serves us food and drink. It’s quite clear that this Akika is trying to get on our light side, Arri is fed a 600 credit steak!
After a bluejuice or two we are guided across a bridge into a private lounge in the column. It appeared to be some form of sound suppressing room for private discussion.

Port-NPC-MadK.jpg Akika Khorash, was not the king-pin I’d expected. A pale and elegant humanoid, she had a distant and aloof manner to her. Immediately the crew made great show of their humility, Arri was bowing to everyone, Vrinko dripped in fear all over the furniture and even our homicidal mechanic sat quietly (although he was unarmed, which does wonders for his temperament). From the story she spun it appears we have done her a disservice, the droid-man that was spectacularly dismantled by Manco, whilst in his normal mental state, had apparently owed her a large sum of credits. Credits that she intended to recover from us via a small (or infinitesimally large) favour. The kath-hound had forgotten that her men had boarded my ship, threatened my crew and attempted to separate me from my cargo and livelihood. If it wasn’t for my cowering crew I’d have spaced her right there and then!

But the opportunity would arise again soon. We had one cycle to consider her request or bear the consequences.

With great pleasure I informed her that she should ‘get out of her nightclub more’, she might get some sun-rays and pick up how to deal with a real tramp-freighter captain.

With that we dragged Arri out as he growled to Vrinko. Ever since the fishead learned how to bark they’ve been chatting away privately. As the crew settled down to think on Akika’s threat I was off to Smitt & Wassan to pick up some leverage.

I’ve no idea what a Dathorian witch is but nothing likes a thermal detonator waved in their face.



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