Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Enter The Dragon Warehouse V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 280612

Tyr charges into the cargo bay, I follow, but make it only as far as the rapidly shutting door.

Peeking around the door I see nothing. Blaster fire echoes from the bay. Strange…it almost makes the distinctive weak fizzle of Tyr’s hold blaster sound powerful.

Tink…tink…the noise of metal bouncing on the concrete floor. Grenade! It bounces through the door and time slows down. I watch it skip past me and looking over my shoulder I see it land a scare few feet from Vrinko. I remember seeing my family trapped in a room as troopers hurled grenade after grenade. Charred bodies rag dolling everywhere. Not this time. I spin around and shoot just underneath the grenade sending it skittering across the ground to explode several feet away.

Even through his blast suit I can tell Vrinko is shocked. He salutes me. While we don’t always see eye to eye. I would hate to see anything happen to him. My reprieve is broken by a walking carpet of fur that sprints past me. Great…an angry Wookie on the warpath. Bad for the bikers.

I move through the cargo bay door. Suddenly out of nowhere I feel a blaster bolt slam into my chest. It almost knocks me over. I wheeze trying to draw breath and a wave of nausea and dizziness hits me. Shaking my head I search for the source of the shot. Someone will pay for that. Way down the end of the bay hiding behind a crate I spot a biker. I quickly take aim, popping off a shot. It takes him right in guts and he falls to the ground leaking entrails.


The cargo bay door continues shutting so I put a stop to it and hit the button. I make sure I leave enough room only for a Jawa to get through. With no more visible targets around I move deeper into the bay heading for the door at the far end. As I move down I hear a loud bailing howl, followed by the now familiar sound of shattering bones. A biker body flies by me and crashes into the wall. Ari must be pretty angry.

At the end of the bay I collect the blaster rifle from the biker who shot me. Can never have enough firepower. A blast door is locked down, but it takes me a few seconds to hack it. Cheap junk. A corridor stretches before us with doors on both sides and at the far end must be the lift. Vrinko takes point.

The lift door opens revealing a biker who throws a grenade!
It flies towards our party and I brace for a messy explosion. Vrinko quickly gestures and it flies back the way it came exploding against the wall.
Well that sure was something!
Nice move. I am getting sick of these grenades.

I’m going to give these scum a real explosion.__



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