Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Epilogue Tyr Solaris

Rebel With a Cause

The following report and personal effects were recovered from a ship wreckage and are belived to concern The Eye Space Station RNR Tyr Solaris.


Port a tyr
Captain Tyr Solaris
Male Human, Coruscant, Age 35.

Tyr Solaris was employed as an Imperial Auditor in the Coruscant shipyards and promoted to Imperial intelligence after uncovering a Rebel plot. In consultation with his mentor Marle Vorusk, Tyr persecuted an Imperial special forces team for War Crimes, resulting in his ostracizing and ultimate extreme sanctioning by the agency. Tyr was injured badly during this altercation, resulting in a bionic replacement of the left arm which he still bears today. Tyr was discovered by a Rebel Recruiting agency operating as a rogue trader out of a private trade facility known as The Eye. Tyr joined the Rebellion after six months of shadow assessment and was recruited and inducted at the full military rank of Captain shortly thereafter.

Tyr is an intelligent, patient but decisive leader, not afraid to let others lead and take initiative. Tyr is equally adept at leading micro task forces in small scale operations as well as coordinating small to medium scale mass troop interventions. Whilst Rebel tactical command has questioned both Tyr’s unpredictable tactics and willingness to blatantly bend if not disobey orders, his tactical insight and ability to read and react to a situation means that he is a highly effective leader whom the enemy has a difficult time adjusting to. Though his case file contains numerous official reprimands and reviews, he continues to be a highly effective operative and an asset to his current mission with the tenth fleet.

Operational History
Tyr has executed numerous strategic missions (with members of his crew; including Manco and Derek Kilfyre) as well as leading both fleet groups and tactical operations against planetside objectives. Tyr actively participates in both the tactical staging of combat as well as on the ground, face to face with Imperial forces.


  • Medal of bravery
  • The White Star for excellence in tactical command.
  • The Golaman Cross for service at the battle of Ghan Ma
  • Gold Commendation for Command Innovation
  • Alliance Medal of honor
  • Promoted to his current rank of Commander




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