Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Escaping ESKP2 V2

Not just another Imp

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 13-09-12

Blaster bolts fly back and forth, I’m hunkered down and getting angrier by the second. Stinking Imps. I see Von Riser squeeze off a round hitting a Stormtropper in the head. He staggers from the blow but doesn’t go down. Maybe it’s the Jawa nature of stealing anything not bolted down or an urge for me to show-off, I’m unsure in the heat of battle, but I smile to myself and take aim at Von Riser’s target. No tricky head-shots this time and instead I go centre mass. I fire and it hits, slamming into the Troopers chest and knocking him down, he twitches a few times, then lays still.

“That’s how it’s done Riser!” I yell.
To my surprise he laughs in reply “shown up by a Jawa.”

I smile to myself again, maybe Von Riser is not so bad after all.
I move up to take another Trooper, this one has a Light Repeater and thinks he can outshoot me. Pop up, aim, squeeze and my bolt smashes into his guts knocking him flying. Two shots, two finishers. That’s more like it Manco!

No more blaster fire is heard and it seems like the battles is done…for now. I move up to Ari’s position and then out of the corner of my eye I see the first Stromtrooper twitch. I casually walk over and place the barrel of my backup blaster pistol under his chin and pull the trigger. A red and grey shower of blood and brain erupt form the top of his helmet and he twitches no more.

Meanwhile Ari has grabbed the Trooper armed with the light repeater, I thought I finished. Damn, another one I left alive. He’s holding him off the ground and bellowing into his face. I don’t think he understands Wookie Ari.

Vrinko translates, we want to know if there are more of you. The trooper stupidly refuses to answer so I decide to encourage him. I aim my repeater at his knee and fire taking his entire leg off and snuffing him out.

I mumble that I forgot about the recent power upgrades I made to my weapon and did not mean to kill him. In truth I did, Imp scum will never get any remorse from me and I will terminate them extreme prejudice until the day I no longer draw breath. Happy my crew mates cannot tell when a Jawa is smiling I pick up the troopers Light Repeated and head to the exit.

Outside and Von Riser leaves to get to his ship. The rest of us board the Gambit. I have a feeling there will be a surprise waiting for us up there. We quickly prep the ship and dust off. I sit up front in the cockpit with Tyr to make sure he presses the right buttons. Ari and Vrinko man the guns. I really need to upgrade those things.

We form up with Von Risers Tie Advanced and enter the planets debris field. 4 Imperial Tie Fighters and a Tie Advanced break through the field and attack. Laser fire streams across the bow as Tyr banks the Gambit. Nice Dodge.

Once again there’s not much for me to do other than watch the battle. Ari takes down a Tie Fighter, but its Von Riser who steals the show single handily destroyed 3 fighters and an advanced without taking a single hit. That man can fly!

We follow Von Riser through a jump co-ords and then he stops his ship and makes a space jump onto the Gambit. He then asks us to destroy his ship. Well that’s a surprise. I tell him that he should be the one to do it and he grimly nods and then fires up the cannon and blasts the Tie Advanced into dust. I guess that’s one way to say goodbye to your old life.
Von Riser gives us a new location of a moon where he wants to be dropped off, about a 3 day trip.

I guess I will get to know a bit more about him and start by showing him the Epic Adventures on Manco on Soccorro.



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