Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

A Dark Presence

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 280213

Glad to be off that thing – that ship. We managed to collect quite a bit of cargo, but there was something ominous about that place. Friend Vrinko had disappeared with the Witch for most of the time onboard, and when we had finally reconvened, the Witch was sliced in half – at the hand of friend Vrinko. He acted in self-defence after being provoked he said, but the rest of us were not able to make it to them in time.

I escorted friend Vrinko back to the ship’s control room while the others returned to the Gambit to prep departure. The control room glittered with crystals, with a giant red crystal pulsing in the middle. Friend Vrinko mentioned something about the previous owner of this ship, but my mind was fixated on the pulsing crystal. Whatever darkness haunted this ship, it felt the strongest here. A deep hum began to sound louder and louder…

“Let’s go.”

Friend Vrinko snapped me out of my gaze and the hum almost all but disappeared. It was time to leave.

GOMA-Flyer.jpg On our flight back to the Eye, we learn that the ship we had been on was the Leviathan, an experimental Sith battle ship – that would certainly explain a bit. The Witch left his backpack here on the ship, I decide to have a look through before throwing it out, mostly rubbish expect for a piece of paper… a pamphlet for some sort of fighting competition – taking place back on the Eye. Interesting. It is called GOMA, the Galactic Open Martial Arts tournament.

Once we get to the Eye it is hard not to notice all the hype this GOMA tournament is receiving. We spot Areena Tana interviewing someone with a very large and strong build with GOMA banners all around. Technician Manco is very excited about this event – or rather, he seems very excited about getting me to participate – even friend Vrinko strokes his chin at the concept. All the promotions and hype seem to be working, as we all end up heading to the Octagon to register me into the competition. A great way to keep my mind off the gloomy adventure on that Sith ship.

Port-NPC-Worgf.jpg And as if not enough surprises had made their rounds this day, upon returning to my quarters I am met with an elder Wookie. A Wrruushi grand master named Worgf – and he wishes to help me prepare for the tournament. I am as humbled as I am speechless.



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