Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Gamorrean Entanglements V2

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 011211

The filthy stench of dead and dying Gamorreans assaults my nostrils. It’s worse than Arribacca after he digests fresh meat.
I should finish them all off, stinking scum. I will make them pay for trying to take my ship.

The ship is a mess. Blaster bolts have scorched the walls, ceiling and floor. I have a lot of repairs to do and the clean up will be disgusting.
Damn Arribacca! He can help… He made the most mess smashing Gamorrean brains across the walls and floor. At least Vrinko keeps it clean with his lightsaber. Ah well, he’s a decent sort. They both are.

I had better go check on Tyr, who was as usual, absent from the battle, not that he makes much difference with that toy he calls a weapon.
Infant Jawas can do more damage with their bare hands.

I make my way to the cockpit, what I surprise! I find our droid Nan 3 massaging Tyr’s shoulders. Mental note: reprogram Nan’s settings to make the lowest massage level at Wookie strength.

That’ll teach him.

Glancing over the controls it seems the entire ship systems are down. Tyr mentions he spotted two more ships in a nearby asteroid field. I’d better work fast.
I head to the electronics suite and start doing some rapid repairs, something goes wrong and I end up on the receiving end of an electrical feedback and get blown across the room as a surge runs through me.

That hurt both my hands and my pride.

Tyr’s fault of course. I’ve told him before about leaving drinks over the main console, he always spills them. It’s not my fault! I try again to get the systems online but fail…

What’s wrong with me?

It has to be the shock. I’m better than this. I take my time and grab my trusty repair kit. I run a bypass and the ship starts to come to life. Then it dies again…
I quickly notice I connected something up wrong and reroute the power. Lights flicker for several seconds and then the ship powers up. Finally!

I shrug at Tyr as if to say it was nothing. Now…let’s go check on those stinking Gamorreans. Green scum. Maybe I can finish off the dying ones.
Over the comlink Vrinko reports he’s spaced them!

Nooooooooooooooooo! I wanted to do that.

In his defence he has uncoupled our ship from that Bloody Tusk heap of junk. Right… I had better get to the engine bay we are not out of the fire yet.



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