Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

GOMA Training pt 1

A Not So Peaceful Climb

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 140313

I meet Grandmaster Worgf in a garden a short walk from the market district, a surprisingly calm and comforting place – I should come here more often. After a small chat we make our way down to the Hive, where he leads me to a semi-secluded location.

Journals_MonkeyAlien.jpg “This is where your training begins.” he points up towards the darkness. “You must climb to the top. When you do, you will find yourself at the food market.” Sounds simple enough. “Oh and one more thing…” he claps his hands and three humanoid figures appear around us. “You must focus on your goal, and not give in to distraction.” With a bow he disappears back the way we came in.

The three figures are dressed in technician uniforms and with a blink of the eye, disappear into the darkness. I begin scaling the wall, the external pipes and fuse boxes making it quite easy actually. All is well until one of the technicians from earlier, appears up above me! How did he move so fast ahead? I cautiously keep climbing and as half expected, the technician leaps and jumps on my back – so this is the Grandmaster’s idea of a distraction? Another technician starts throwing objects at me from somewhere above – it is hard to tell where from, as the one on my back decides to cover my eyes with his hands. I do my best to remain focused, and continue my ascend.

The climb to the top is successful, however not without some disruptions. Grandmaster’s technicians made sure to keep the climb an interesting one, admittedly they were quick and cunning, utilising all they could find to try and stop me – including slippery oil! As successful as I was, I did feel my focus drop at one point during the climb, where I repelled one of the technicians off me quite forcefully. I confess this to the Grandmaster, with whom I am now sharing a kebab with in the market place, he nods, but still appears impressed at my result.

Grandmaster tells me to rest and prepare for another day of training tomorrow. As he leaves, I notice someone spying on me in the market place, so obviously that perhaps he wants to be seen? Or maybe he is that bad – he has a camera pointing at me in full view. I get up and order another kebab, not for myself though. I approach the spying man at his table, who appears to be in shock as I stand before him now, place the kebab down in front of him, bow, and leave. Time to rest.



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