Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

GOMA Training pt 2

Controlling Creatures

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 280313

I wake up to see a message has arrived from Grandmaster Worgf – today’s training is at the public gymnasium. I notice a deposit of 3000 credits into my account as well – a share of profits from the sold off gear we found on the Leviathon. Not a bad start to the day.

Port-NPC-HagCru.jpg The gymnasium is fairly quiet, and I am able to find some equipment to help me aid my Wrruushi training. Hours pass as I practise my techniques, Grandmaster Worgf half looking on, half in a meditative trance of his own. It is perhaps mid-afternoon when somebody approaches the Grandmaster – it is Hagan, the livestock merchant. I continue my practising while they speak, and when they finish, Grandmaster stops me and tells me to follow.

We leave the gymnasium and follow Hagan to one of his livestock sheds. The smell here is very strong and not very pleasant, but then perhaps my perspired fur after the gym session is not that much better. Everyone stops in front of a small bay with big quadrupedal creature inside. Grandmaster turns to me.

“Final task for the day. Get this animal to the back of it’s pen.” He turns to watch the creature. I look around for some food and try to feed it, but the creature sneezes sending the food flying everywhere – I am sure I hear Hagan chuckle from behind me. Perhaps I can ride it. Much to everyone’s surprise I lift myself up onto the creature. I attempt to control it, and the creature actually begins to move backwards, but alas it stops short. Stubborn thing this one.

Enough playing around. I step in front of the creature and softly put my hands up against its’ front – and then begin to push. There is some resistance at first, but the creature complies and takes the few final steps to the end of the pen. Grandmaster seems pleased, not just for the success, but for my various approaches to the task. He says training will continue tomorrow, and that I should rest.

Port-NPC-BlkClw.jpg As I make my way back to my quarters I spot a familiar figure in the market place crowd – Black Claw. Here for GOMA perhaps? That does not sound like something someone of his character would enter. Port-NPC-OrgMutt.jpg With him, once again, is that trandoshan Org – from the Firecracker crew. How is he connected to Black Claw? Friend Vrinko knows Captain Talia quite well, I think I should speak to him about this.

I find friend Vrinko at his fancy apartment and mention my sighting of Black Claw and Org, I tell him I worry about Org’s involvement with that wookie, and perhaps even Talia’s safety. Friend Vrinko says he will have a word to her, but also brings up a good point about Black Claw – why is he here? Is Grandmaster Worgf safe? Leaving friend Vrinko’s place I attempt to track down the Grandmaster but he is not at his apartment. I leave a message at the front desk. I guess I will speak with him tomorrow. For now though, I can feel my muscles becoming tight, which means it is probably a good time to rest. I head back to my quarters.



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