Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Heart of the Beast

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010823

The Witch and I went down the stairs to where the power source was located. It was also where the centre of Dark Force was emanating from.
We came to a doorway, which was covered by a red force field. There was no sign of a control panel, but reaching out with my senses it felt like it was being powered by the Force. I held out my hand in an attempt to disrupt the flow of energy and was able to weaken it long enough for the Witch and I to pass through.
Inside was a large round room bathed in crimson light. In the centre of the room was a pedestal on which a large geode of red crystals pulsed with a blood red intensity. There seemed to be a holoprojection of a robed, seated figure near the crystal, its bright blue intensity sharply contrasting with the crystals light.
Overlooking this was a small platform on which a vague outline of a throne-like chair covered with another stronger Force-Shield. And on this throne sat a robed figure.
I sent out my feelings, trying to determine if there were any other life forms in the room. There was, though not the seated figure, but the crystal itself.
I walked up to the crystal and transparent shards crunched beneath my armoured feet, it looks like the crystal had been damaged.
The Holoprojection was remarkably clear and crisp, although it did not respond to any of my commands.
As I approached the throne the Witch started to lose it again and had a far away look in his eyes. He was holding his crystal and it looked to be a perfect match, a missing shard of the larger object.
The figure on the Throne seemed to be still and I reached out to try and disrupt this barrier as I had the last. It took a little while though I finally managed to lower it slightly. I reach in and drew back the hood on the figure, only to be greeted by a cadaverous smile. This, possibly human female, had been dead a long time. I reached in again to search their remains and managed to find a light sabre. It looked quite old and when I switched it on, it didn’t work. Still maybe Manko could get it working.
That’s when I heard the voice.
A female voice asking for help.
I looked around and tried to focus my feelings and could hear her voice more clearly. She wanted my help. In return for power.
I sent the Witch out of the room to get the others, he could pass through the Force Field at will it seems, maybe because he has the shard. He could not bring the others in though. They left to explore more of the ship and the Witch didn’t come back in. I was able to converse more freely with the voice and she told me that we could talk more easily face to face. It took me a moment to understand what she meant. I then reached out a hand to the large collection of crimson facets and the room disappeared around me.



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