Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders


Echoing Visions

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 240113

With Tatooine behind us we set a course home back to the Eye – the journey will take a few days. Now is a good time to rejuvenate and reflect. I prepare my pipe.

The Gambit’s walls give off a calm coolness, intensified perhaps by the memories of the scolding heat which burned my fur back on the planet. Now my body and mind are in pure bliss. As I close my eyes the room temperature drops, and a distant howling wind begins echoing closer and closer. I feel like I am moving when suddenly – a familiar scene…

I fall from high in the atmosphere, crash through tree tops, and land with a soft thud in an embracing hold of the snow. Just as before, the sparkling plant bursts into a bright explosion right in front of me. When the sparks clear the setting has changed – I find myself amongst the clouds, with a marble staircase leading up into the heavens. The surroundings of the staircase seem hazy, out of focus, I begin to ascend…

An old seemingly out of place wooden training dummy blocks my path. I take out the dummy with a direct hit to its core. Is this a test? I continue to ascend and encounter more wooden contraptions – each one a variant and slightly bigger than the last. One of them actually returns a blow almost knocking me off the staircase, but I manage to jump past. I continue to ascend…

A dark shadowy figure, the size of a wookie, blocks my path up ahead.

“Arribacca. Are you ready?” It calls out to me.

I approach and nod. It nods back and waits. Even this close, it still remains a dark shadow, no features. I see a bright sparkling aura high above the staircase behind the figure. Almost there. With a focused Wrruushi manoeuvre, I strike at the shadow – a loud thud echoes all around me as the shadow catches my fist. Holding my fist it leans in to me and says, “You are ready.”

For a moment I can hear the echoes of the impact slowly drift away over the hum of the Gambit. I am once again in my quarters, fully awake, but amazed at how real the vision felt. Pilot Tyr’s voice echoes through the comms – we are back on the Eye.

PC-Astro.jpg I reflect on the vision from the ship over a tasty kebab from The Tasty Tauntaun at the marketplace. If it meant what I believe it did… then I should make preparations; and soon. I join pilot Tyr as he shops around for an astromech droid. After a few different store visits he finally finds one – and while he tries to conceal his emotions in front of the salesman, I can sense the excitement our pilot has for his new motorized companion. I am sure it will get along with NAN-3.

The crew meets up and friend Vrinko lets us know about a new mission – something about a derelict ship for possible salvaging. Technician Manco’s glowing eyes light up at the thought. We leave tomorrow, and will be joined by not only a new astromech droid, but also friend Vrinko’s somewhat strange associate they call the Witch. It should be… an interesting flight.



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