Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Hot On The Trail v1

Tatooine: No Place For A Wookie

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EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 121129

I do not want to alarm the crew, but the temperature on this planet is dangerously high – I find myself pulling my sweaty fur off my skin too often. This is my first time on Tatooine, and as exciting as it is to explore a new world, I am not entirely sure I will be hurrying back – assuming of course I make it off this barren desert. Technician Manco does not seem to mind the heat; it is his home world after all. I notice he has replaced his combat outfit with a more traditional brown robe, and there are more than a few of those running around here – little Mancos everywhere!

The crew, sans friend Vrinko who is off-planet on his own errand, visit the Ghakini clan – the Jawas who called out to technician Manco for help, and the reason we are here. They invite us to their camp and explain the situation – their sand-crawlers have been the target of pirate raids in recent times, and they want it to stop – it is bad for business. We join them for the evening feast, and will head out in search of the disabled sand-crawlers in the morning.

As we gear up the next day I am pleasantly surprised to see friend Vrinko join us at the camp, but not on a speeder – he rides in on a Ronto! I cannot believe it – I remember these creatures from Kashyyyk, how did they end up on this planet? They look slightly different; perhaps cousins of the ones back home. I approach to greet the Ronto, and it allows me to scratch its fur. Wonderful creatures these, they share with Wookies two chief traits – strength and loyalty. Technician Manco walks up and takes the Ronto away without saying a word – how odd. Oh wait, that was not him – that robe had a different shade of brown. Manco and the others are all waiting for me in the speeder.

Much like the scenery here, the whole day feels like a blur. Bright sands and scorching heat, we eventually find the ruins of one of the sand-crawlers in the afternoon. It is quite a sight, a giant shell of a machine with burnt scars all over one side. Whoever did this had some heavy firepower. We head inside the machine to investigate more closely – and to get out of the sun. Friend Vrinko meditates and tries to look into the past, the rest of us cannot find anything all that telling unfortunately. We go over the cargo list to see what was taken, mostly everything it seems – except for medical supplies, and food rations.

Logo-Legion.jpg Hmmmm. With the recent DX-2 murders on The Eye at the back of my mind, I begin to wonder if perhaps these attacks were carried out by droids? It would explain why no medical or food supplies were taken, how such accurate and heavy firepower could be utilised, and why they would be targeting transports carrying primarily droid parts. Could it be perhaps, our first trail of the Legion pirates? I bring it up with the crew, and am supported by pilot Tyr who mentions he noticed some droid-like footprints in the holo-vid given to us by the Jawas.

We head back to camp before it gets too dark. The Ghakini clan hears us out to our findings and we discuss possible plans to try and catch the pirates in the act – unfortunately that would mean exposing another sand-crawler for an attack. The following day we head back into Anchorhead to access some terminals in search of further information. We find an Imperial cubicle with a great holo-net connection, and friend Vrinko manages to convince the stationed officer there to let us use his computer for a little bit – how convenient. Technician Manco jumps on to look for any news of the Legion, but nothing is found that we do not already know. We do learn however, that there is some special Storm Trooper outfit on the planet for some unknown reason, a high-intelligence level group who sport an orange shoulder pad – we have seen a few of them around when we first landed here.

Just as we are about to leave, technician Manco makes an interesting find on the system. He tracks down an Imperial officer who was part of the group that had something to do with Manco’s clan’s elimination. I have never seen his eyes so switched on and focused before; he keeps scouring for more info. Our Jawa backs off from the terminal a little shocked. This Imperial officer he has tracked down has since retired, and currently resides… on Tatooine.



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